‘Counting On’ Fans Say John and Abbie Duggar Made it Obvious They Were Expecting Before Their Announcement

‘Counting On’ Fans Say John and Abbie Duggar Made it Obvious They Were Expecting Before Their Announcement


The Duggar family is one of the America’s largest families, and now, we’re watching them all grow up before our eyes. TLC’s Counting On follows the Duggar children as they grow up and start families of their own. And the most recent couple to wed, John Duggar and Abbie Burnett, just announced a pregnancy within the past week. But fans totally saw it coming and say Duggar and Burnett were giving major hints all along.

Duggar and Burnett wed in November 2018

Duggar is the second oldest son in the family, and his parents were probably surprised when he wasn’t married by his early 20s. Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joy, Joseph, and Josiah, all of whom are younger than Duggar, were married before him. However, he was simply waiting for God to put the woman of his dreams into his life, and she came in the form of Abbie Burnett. Burnett and Duggar met at an event at her church in Oklahoma last year. Burnett also comes from a large religious family and was a nurse before she married Duggar. The two only courted for less than a month before announcing their engagement; they wed in November last year.

The couple took their time announcing a pregnancy

Unlike most Duggar couples, Duggar and Burnett did not announce a pregnancy right away. Fans were expecting the pair to make a baby announcement back in February, about three months after they wed, as many other Duggars have. However, the two held off on having kids for a bit. It’s possible they had trouble getting pregnant, or maybe they wanted to spend a bit of time together as newlyweds. They didn’t say the reason, but regardless, it ended up being about nine months after the two married before they announced they are expecting their first child.

Fans were certain the two were pregnant long before their announcement

Though Duggar and Burnett likely waited the appropriate amount of time before announcing (probably around 12 weeks), fans were convinced the two were expecting long before they told the public. When the couple finally announced, people expressed that they would tell from previous photos that the two were having a baby. “I knew it with the way your stomach was being held recently by John in some of the photos!” one user commented. Others agreed, suggesting they guessed the two were expecting based on previous photos. “I knew it when you had your hands on Abbie’s stomach in your last post,” another user wrote.


The two haven’t said when Burnett is due, nor do they know the baby’s gender

Right now, the two haven’t announced many of the detailsabout the new baby other than that they’re having one. The due date is unknown,though it’s assumed the pair is due in early February 2020 if they waited 12weeks tomake an announcement. They also haven’t revealed the little one’s gender,but Duggars tend to have gender reveals, so we’ll likely find out in time whatthey’re having.

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