Corrie death trauma, EastEnders Sam's comeback secret and 18 more soap spoilers

Corrie death trauma, EastEnders Sam's comeback secret and 18 more soap spoilers


Lives are on the line and major secrets are revealed in soapland next week, and you’re not going to want to miss a single second of it.

The biggest talking point of the week in question is, of course, the long-awaited return of EastEnders legend Sam Mitchell, who waltzes back into the Square on a secret mission.

More on that later.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Summer Spellman’s life on the line when she ends up in a police cell in a diabetic coma, while Emmerdale sees Leyla Harding’s connection to newcomer Suzy revealed.

Warren Fox and Felix Westwood team up in Hollyoaks, and John Paul McQueen’s secret is almost revealed.

For all your soap needs, you’ve come to the right place!‘s piping hot and fresh soap spoilers are ready, but the question is: are you?

Coronation Street

Amy confronts a pale Summer, who loses her temper and tells her pal to lwacve her alone. Jacob, meanwhile, takes advantage of Evelyn over-ordering alcopops, and he sells them in Victoria Gardens in order to pay the rent. Simon reports Jacob to the police, but Jacob does a runner, leaving boxes of alcopops on the bench.  The police officers find Summer slumped on the bench next to the boxes and assume she is drunk. Amy and Aadi call at the police station and tell Craig about Summer’s arrest and how they suspect she might be suffering from her diabetes. Craig hurries to the cells where he finds Summer in a diabetic coma.  Fearing the worst, the policeman shouts for someone to call an ambulance. The question is: will Summer be okay?

Toyah is not impressed with Imran’s dirty tricks but when she hears Abi and Elliot discussing ways to scupper Imran’s chances of custody she has a change of heart, telling Imran that she supports his devilish plan to prove that Abi is not fit to be a mother.

Daisy is hellbent on getting Nicky a man in a bid to keep her away from Daniel, and thus she sets her up with Ashley. Nicky, however, is embarrassed when Ashley recognises her. She makes her excuses and swiftly leaves. Daisy’s interest is piqued, and soon enough, she is stunned to discover that Nicky was a sex worker.


Sam Mitchell makes her long-awaited return to Walford, and she gets off on the wrong foot with Sharon and Kat pretty much straight away! Both ladies are keen to find out what’s brought her back after a five year absence. Sam, however, is keeping tight-lipped, and is playing her cards very close to her chest.

Jack is similarly less than pleased to find out Sam is back in town, and thus he wastes little time in asking her if she’s planning on sticking around. Sam assures him that her presence in the Square is a flying visit, which eases his concerns, but he subsequently confides in Denise, and after a conversation, he decides that Ricky deserves to know who she is.

Ben is on the warpath about Sam’s return, after he find out just what it is that she is up to. And soon enough, doubts soon start to creep in, as Sam fears that she’s not up to the task at hand, and thus reveals all to Billy, telling him that she’s intent on leaving on that very evening!


Chas issues a warning to Belle against Al, reiterating that he’s bound to have ulterior motives. Kerry, meanwhile, starts to wonder if there is something going on between Belle and Al! The duo enthusiastically discuss their business plans, but Al notices that Priya is upset. He questions her, and she opens up about her body confidence issues which leads to a charged moment where they lean in for a kiss!

Vanessa accepts an invitation to dinner but tragedy strikes when she spills wine over her phone. With Johnny sick, she simply has no way of calling Suzy to cancel! Desperate to make things right, she dresses up to impress for a wine tasting at David’s Shop. The date with Suzy goes well and therefore they move to the Woolpack for another drink. Leyla, however, is rattled to see Suzy and Vanessa together, while Vanessa is curious how the pair know each other. Suzy explains it’s through work but Leyla’s clearly shaken and Suzy promises to keep her secrets.

Paddy sets up an Easter egg hunt and Marlon watches via video. Rhona is grateful to Paddy. The next day, Rhona’s shocked by how much yesterday’s activity has taken out of Marlon, hoping his exhaustion won’t impact his consultancy meeting. Mary confides in Faith over the stress Rhona is under, worrying how she will cope as a full-time carer. Meanwhile, the consultant assures a gutted Marlon, although she’s pleased with his progress, he’s in the best place possible. Rhona presses the consultant for a timeline on his recovery. When Rhona arrives home she lashes out to see Mary with Faith in the pub. After her outburst, Mary worries Marlon’s move home will only increase Rhona’s exhaustion and urges her to consider the impact on herself and the kids. Rhona is horrified by her suggestion of a separation and throws Mary out, appalled at her mother’s insensitivity.


Determined to get revenge on the men that attacked Joel, Warren recruits Felix to help him. When Joel gets a whiff of their plan, he makes them promise not to lose their temper, but is he worrying about the wrong person?

Yazz’s new menu for the café makes Tom start thinking about her next career move, but is Yazz ready to move onto something new.

A charity fundraiser for Freya is being held at Hollyoaks High, but John Paul starts to crumble under the pressure when his blackmailer ups the ante, and thus he turns to alcohol. Freya makes a speech, but a drunken John Paul crashes the stage and takes the microphone.


The engagement party is all systems go! (Picture: BBC / Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron)

  • George rejects Eileen in Coronation Street
  • Jean goes all out planning an engagement party in EastEnders
  • Kim puts Jai in a tricky position in Emmerdale
  • Mercedes loses her temper with Bobby in Hollyoaks
  • Sally is determined to get Elaine to move out in Coronation Street
  • Rainie has a heart-to-heart with Vi in EastEnders
  • Noah is vengeful in Emmerdale
  • Sam finds Charlie’s belongings from the crash in Hollyoaks

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