Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin feared dead as evil Ray Crosby takes revenge

Coronation Street’s Abi Franklin feared dead as evil Ray Crosby takes revenge


Coronation Street favourite Abi Franklin (Sally Carman) faces the wrath of evil Ray Crosby (Mark Frost) as he takes revenge in upcoming scenes.

The dodgy businessman gets arrested on suspicion of raping Faye Windass (Ellie Leach) next week as the youngster finally opens up about her horrific ordeal.

Abi, Faye Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) clock Ray leaving the Bistro and are gutted to realise he’s been released from the station.

In the hope of lending some weight to Faye’s case, Alya reports Ray to the police for luring her to a hotel bedroom with the intention of having sex.

Hoping to dig some dirt, Abi calls at Ray’s hotel but she gets more than she bargained for.

Ray arrives out of the blue with Susan, the Chairperson, in tow, and the mechanic dives behind the bar.

As Ray and Susan discuss their crimes, Abi records the conversation on her phone.

An excited Abi confides in Faye how she’s got proof that Ray bribed the planning committee into giving his development plans to knock down homes on Coronation Street the green light.

Meanwhile, a panicking Debbie suggests to Ray that he sign over Hexappoint to her as he’s nothing but a liability but he refuses, assuring her everything is in hand.

Abi later shows Ray the footage on her phone and offers to bury it if in return he admits to the attempted rape of Faye, telling him he’s got an hour to make a decision before she goes public.

The Weatherfield villain meets up with Abi in the Rovers’ back yard and tells her he’s willing to confess to the assault on Faye, so long as she deletes the video footage.

However, Abi suddenly feels dizzy and collapses as Ray grabs her phone.

A furious Debbie barges into the bistro to confront Ray about the incriminating video Abi sent her and is horrified to spy Abi sprawled on the floor.

As Debbie goes to call an ambulance, Ray swipes the phone from her hand and menacingly tells her she’s going to help him out of this mess.

Will Debbie let Abi die?

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