Coronation Street reveals aftermath of Adam Barlow's assault as Sarah and Gary plot cover ups

Coronation Street reveals aftermath of Adam Barlow's assault as Sarah and Gary plot cover ups


CORONATION Street has revealed the aftermath of Adam Barlow’s attack – and put Sarah Platt and Gary Windass in the firing line.

The lawyer – who is played by actor Sam Robertson in the ITV soap – was found in a pool of blood tonight by Ray Crosby and Debbie Webster.

They summoned an ambulance and he was rushed to hospital, but his condition remains serious.

The police had their first suspect by bringing Peter in for questioning.

Adam’s uncle was taken in by police for questioning but withdrawal from alcohol was making him shake and make him look guilty.

And worse still – Carla saw the blood on his jumper and assumed it was Adam’s, so bleached it clean.

When Peter found out – he hit the roof at her for making him look guilty and not believing him.

He told her: “I told you it was from the bloke on the Red Rec. 

“You didn’t believe me when I told you it wasn’t Adam’s blood. Now you’ve made me look even more guilty.”

Meanwhile Adam’s ex Sarah made herself look guilty when her baby son Harry mentioned that he saw her leaving the house late at night.

She terrified him by screaming at him: “No Harry you are wrong. That was not me and you must not say that again, do you hear me?”

The little one looked feared to death by his mum, but Sarah wasn’t the only one making herself look suspicious.

Adam’s enemy Gary Windass got wife Maria Connor to give him a false alibi when the police questioned him about his whereabouts.

But fans are predicting a twist.

One wrote: "Police in #Corrie may as well put all suspects in a hat and pick one out at random ..clueless."

A second said: "Here's my thoughts @itvcorrie Sarah reports Gary for Rick, either bc she believes he attacked Adam, or bc she attacked Adam and wants to frame him #Corrie"

Another added: "peter mentioning everyone’s name as a possible suspect but carla’s"

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