Coronation Street fans baffled by campervan plot hole as Ed Bailey makes dramatic escape

Coronation Street fans baffled by campervan plot hole as Ed Bailey makes dramatic escape


CORONATION Street fans were left baffled by a campervan plot hole as Ed Bailey made a dramatic escape during last night's episode.

The property developer builder – played by Trevor Michael Georges in the ITV soap – was accused of secretly gambling behind his family's back when some money went missing.

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The builder returned home and told Michael he had been busy doing a loft conversion in town, but his son wasn't having any of it.

The aspiring entrepreneur (played by Ryan Russell) was convinced that his dad had been of gambling because of his shady past.

Ed had enough of the accusations and decided to grab a bite to eat at Speed Dahl, where he bumped into his brother Ronnie.

Ronnie shared his concerns and said that he had heard he's been gambling again and tried to knock some sense into him.

He said that if he didn't buckle his ideas up he was in with a chance of losing his wife Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) and their kids – and his words clearly hit home.

Meanwhile Ed's other son James got a call that £1000 had been taken out of their parent's saving account – and the two boys were convinced that he had gone off to the bookies to use it.

When the builder returned home, his wife Aggie was on video call ready to lay into him.

She said: "Ed we had been worried sick… A thousand pounds gone without a word?

"And not a penny left I bet… Well what have you got to say for yourself?"

Ed was quick to defend himself and said: "Oh Aggie come on I wouldn't do that to you.

"I was hoping this to be a little bit of a surprise but as it is, you three come with me…"

He led the trio outside and in front of them was a red Volkswagen Type 2.

But many viewers of the hit show thought that it was pretty unrealistic that Ed managed to get a camper van so cheap.

One fan wrote on Twitter: "#coronationstreet What buffoon @itvcorrie thinks one could buy a VW camper – even a rust-bucket – for £1,000?"

Another said: "You wouldn’t get any change out of 10 grand for that! #Corrie."

A third added: "Can someone please tell me on what planet you can buy a VW camper van like that for a grand?! That wouldn’t even buy you a shell of one #corrie."

Last night fans were also left horrified after Tyrone Dobbs bedded new fling Alina Pop – before returning home to ex Fiz Stape.

One wrote: "I'm disappointed in Tyrone & Alina getting friendly with each other like that! They obviously couldn't stay off each other."

A second said: "I wanna punch Tyrone in the face."

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