Clare Balding scolded by football player after shouting insult from the sideline

Clare Balding scolded by football player after shouting insult from the sideline


Clare Balding has told how she once got scolded by a football player after she accidentally insulted them during a match.

The broadcaster, who is set to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs on Saturday night, confessed to the host how the awkward incident unfolded.

Jonathan quizzed Clare on how she has been coping in lockdown, as she discussed writing two books, as well as missing out on working on the Olympics and Paralympics this year.

As the subject got onto watching football matches, Clare shared a recent experience of watching a game without a crowd.

‘It’s really strange. I’ve been to a few live matches, I do women’s football, you can hear everything the players are saying,’ she began.

‘Of course, with a crowd you’d never be able to do that.’

Clare went on to explain that she once got herself into a rather awkward situation when she shouted at one of the players.

Although, she wasn’t expecting the response she received.

She continued: ‘Once I shouted very loudly, “That was rubbish” and literally the player looked around at me. I thought, “Oh no! I’ve got to learn to rein it in”, I was getting involved.’

Speaking about listening to what the players were saying, Clare added: ‘There’s quite a lot of complaining to the referee and screaming when they go down, trying to get a penalty or free-kick.

‘I think the referee is much more influenced by the screams because they can really hear it.’

On this week’s episode, Jonathan is also joined by Katherine Ryan, Nick Frost and Samson Kayo.

Musical guest Billy Ocean is also in the line-up as he talked about his career and performed some of his greatest hits

The Jonathan Ross Show airs on Saturday at 10.15pm on ITV.

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