Chloe Khan sends fans wild as she strips down to tiny thong bikini to pose on the roof of her house

Chloe Khan sends fans wild as she strips down to tiny thong bikini to pose on the roof of her house


CHLOE Khan almost broke the internet when she posed in a barely there bikini on her rooftop.

The 28-year-old took advantage of the sunny weather to pose for the impromptu photo shoot in the chic silver, glomesh swimsuit.

Chloe wore her black hair in waves down her back and glowed after oiling up her body for the shoot.

She completed the look with a silver Chanel necklace and matching ballet stilettos.

In some of the shots, Chloe paired the glittering bikini with a matching mesh silver skirt which she wore around her thighs.

The X-Factor star post the photos to Instagram with her fans saying she looked "hotter then ever".

"Seriously, isn't that incredible," wrote one fan.

Another added: "Oh my goodness!"

And a third said: "So beautiful ❤️"

Chloe rose to fame on X-Factor in 2010 and has pulled off one of the most incredible rags-to-riches transformations in the show's history.

The 28-year-old has enjoyed stints in the US – where she even dated the boss of Spearmint Rhino – before modelling for Playboy, enjoying a fling with Stephen Bear in Celebrity Big Brother, and now spending months on end in sunny locations.

Before her stint on the singing contest, she'd also appeared on makeover show Snog, Marry, Avoid – but ditched the make-under and soon took up her fake tanning habits again.

Chloe spent some time out of the limelight following her X Factor journey, but emerged again a few years later when it was revealed she'd earned herself a fortune by setting up a webcam business.

She later claimed she could make up to £50 a minute by chatting to several men online.

"You are going to get the guy who is horny and wants you to do the sexy chat, or you’re going to get the guy who is lonely and wants to talk about his allotment. It is literally so random and so weird," she told Mail Online.

Speaking about her success afterwards, Chloe also revealed: "I got lots of work and then realised I could employ other girls to work for me and built up a successful business from there. I now have 50 employees and have made more than £1million."

She used the funds to splurge on several cosmetic procedures, spending "£20k on my boobs, £9k on my nose, £8.5k on veneers, and my lips were another £10k".

She's largely kept her love life out of the limelight in recent years, but in 2019 she revealed she'd dumped a "middle-aged fat d***head" who "screamed in her face for no reason".

Since then she's split her time between Dubai and the UK, while travelling to exotic locations like the Maldives and Monaco – and has become a major star on OnlyFans, where she posts X-rated content for her paying fans.

Chloe splashed out on a huge new home in the UK last year, which she's named 'CK Sanctuary', and revealed plans to go "extra AF" on renovations with a cinema, home salon, wine room and a separate double glass gym complex.

She was also a teen mum, after having daughter, Destiny, around the age of 18.

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