Chloe Ferry gets Botox in her forehead before partying with Geordie Shore cast

Chloe Ferry gets Botox in her forehead before partying with Geordie Shore cast


CHLOE Ferry treated herself to some Botox in her forehead before partying with Geordie Shore cast last night.

The 23-year-old reality star has never made a secret of her love of cosmetic surgery, and took to her Instagram Stories to document her latest treatment for her followers on Friday.

Heading to her own beauty salon House of Aesthetics, Chloe filmed as the needle was inserted into her brow by a member of staff.

She then headed for her hair done before stepping out in Newcastle in a pink shimmering mini-dress.

Chloe was joined by her Geordie Shore co-stars including Nathan Henry, James Tindale and Bethan Kershaw as they arrived at Power House Nightclub.

Her appearance with the cast could mean Chloe has done another major U-turn about whether she still wants to be part of the MTV reality show.

Earlier this week, The Sun Online revealed the star had reportedly quit the programme following a violent row in the house which saw on-off boyfriend Sam Gowland suspended from the show.

The tumultuous couple have caused confusion in recent months with their on/off relationship status, which saw former Love Island star Sam leave the show and return last month.

But insiders have told The Sun Online that Chloe, 23, has followed Sam, also 23, out the door as he left for a second time after a row broke out.

The source revealed: "After show bosses made a U-turn and let him back into the house, Sam got into a massive bust-up with the others and went wild.

"He ended up having to be removed again after his behaviour was seen as threatening and intimidating. It was really shocking and no one expected him to react that way.

"Everyone was stunned at his outburst. He's been suspended again because of his actions.

"But now everyone on the show has another major headache because Chloe has also walked out with Sam. She was fuming he got suspended so has walked out and said she's quit.

"Everyone has taken that with a pinch of salt because she tends to go with her heart and make rash decisions without thinking long term. But right now she's out of the house and is standing by Sam. It's a big mess."

But with Sam nowhere to be seen on the night out, it looks like Chloe could have had another change of heart about their relationship, and her status on the show.

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