Chesney Hawkes says never say never to soap role after fun Hollyoaks cameo

Chesney Hawkes says never say never to soap role after fun Hollyoaks cameo


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Musician Chesney Hawkes has said that he is 'definitely up' for taking on a soap role in the future if the 'right part' came along, after making a memorable cameo in Hollyoaks.

The One And Only singer appeared in the Channel 4 soap on June 6, 2022 as a special guest at Nancy and Darren's wedding, with fans rushing to social media to share their love for the cameo.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Chesney Hawkes has spoken about filming his Hollyoaks cameo, new music and 'never saying never' if the right soap part came along.

Describing his Hollyoaks appearance as "a bit of fun," Chesney said he has had "nothing but love on social media from that episode."

Along with talking to Cindy Cunningham actress Stephanie Waring, who he said he had a "lovely chat" with, the musician praised the cast and crew of the soap, saying: "I found myself on set at Hollyoaks and it was really lovely.

"Everyone there was so sweet, such lovely people. All the cast and crew were so nice and I was very well looked after.

"We had a whole afternoon of it, everyone getting to know each other. It was really nice."

But after making a brief Hollyoaks cameo, would Chesney ever be tempted to take on another soap role in the future?

"Well never say never," said Chesney.

"I guess if I was offered the right part, then why not? The thing about me is that I'm definitely up for a challenge. I like to try new things.

"First and foremost I'm a musician, and that's what I'll always do, but the great thing about being a celebrity these days is that all sorts of doors open to you.

"I've been a celebrity chef, an ice dancer, I've done all sorts of crazy things. I've done a bit of acting in the past, done quite a lot of musical theatre, so that's definitely not off the cards by any means."

Chesney is no stranger to acting, after appearing in the 1991 film Buddy's Song about a teenager determined to become a popstar.

Starring alongside The Who's Roger Daltry and Sharon Duce as his on-screen parents, Chesney said: "Roger [Daltry] was very much a father figure. He gave great advice and took me under his wing.

"Sharon Juice who played my mum was the best and I'm still in contact with her now."

However its breakout song The One And Only made Chesney a star, with the musician performing the record as part of his soap cameo earlier in the week.

Reflecting on the song's success, Chesney said: "I call it a song with wings. It's gone out there and found its own life.

"When I play it live now, you can feel the energy in the room. I'm very grateful to it and proud of that record."

However, after celebrating his career in music with the release of a new boxset titled The Complete Picture: The Albums 1991-2012, and with upcoming festival dates at Rewind North and Picnic In the Park, it seems acting may be on hold for now as Chesney carves out the next part of his music career.

Along with performing with dad Chip Hawkes' band The Tremeloes on the Sixties Gold tour later in 2022, Chesney has also written a musical, is launching a podcast and has plans to release a new album next year.

Produced by and written with a close friend, Jake Gosling, who is famous for producing Ed Sheeran's first album and worked with artists including One Direction, Chesney said he is extremely excited for fans to hear the record, adding: "It's got those kick the doors down pop bangers, but I've also gone introspective.

"I'm very proud of this album."

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