Channel 4 fans gobsmacked as My Massive C*** shows full frontal 10.5 inch penis

Channel 4 fans gobsmacked as My Massive C*** shows full frontal 10.5 inch penis


Channel 4 viewers were left with their jaws on the floor after the broadcaster showed a programme called My Massive C***, which featured full frontal nudity.

The documentary followed multiple men who have been struggling with their sex lives, love lives and life in general due to the size of their manhood.

They spoke to multiple men, many of whom exceeded 9 inches when erect, who admitted that their penises hinder their wellbeing – while one man seriously contemplated a penis reduction.

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Another interviewee said that he gets lightheaded when he is erect and complained that women only want him for "what is below the waistline".

One also said that his friends "inundate" him with birthday cards covered in pictures of his own penis.

Fans couldn't believe their eyes and turned to Twitter to discuss the explicit images they had seen on their screens.

One baffled viewer tweeted: "Bro… what the h*** is going on."

Another said that they had "just spat out their drink," while a keen fan wrote: "I was going to go to bed but Channel 4 changed my mind."

One simply couldn't believe what they were seeing and commented: "Not Channel 4 arranging a threesome for us all to see," with a line of crying emojis.

One of the documentary's storylines followed a couple who were searching for a well endowed partner.

Bonnie admitted that she was looking for a man with a bigger penis than her boyfriend and openly said that she wasn't ashamed of her endeavour.


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