Changing Rooms fans beg Anna Richardson to put bum away as she flashes tattoo

Changing Rooms fans beg Anna Richardson to put bum away as she flashes tattoo


Changing Rooms fans told Anna Richardson to put her bum away during Wednesday's episode as she pulled down her trousers to reveal a tramp stamp tattoo.

The rebooted Channel 4 series returned to screens this week, with Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen back to guide interior design amateurs through the process of sprucing up their neighbours' home, while Naked Attraction's Anna was on presenting duties.

In the premiere episode, Laurence was tasked with transforming Swansea florist Claire's ‘sea of beige’ living room, with the legendary designer soon announcing that he had landed on the theme of 'Forever Peacocky'.

This inspired Anna, 50, to pull down her trousers and reveal the peacock feather 'tramp stamp' tattooed on her lower back.

Speaking ahead of her tattoo reveal, Anna said: "So, Laurence just sketched out his scheme on my back last night.

"So I'll just show you this without [more words]."

Anna then pulled down her trousers, revealing the large tattoo.

With the contestants dubbing its peacock design "uncanny", Laurence jokingly added: "It's the first time I've taken inspiration from a tramp stamp.

"What I love is the fact that it's a classy tramp stamp."

Explaining her tattoo, Anna responded: "But genuinely, I love peacocks so when you said about your peacock-y theme, my heart sang, 'this is going to be amazing'."

Quick to pick up on the unexpected reveal were Changing Rooms viewers, who shared their own surprise on Twitter.

One commented: "Nice bum, Anna."

A second viewer wrote: "Laurence used the phrase 'tramp stamp' and the 90s came rushing back to me."

A slightly harsher viewer noted: "Probably did take inspiration from her tattoo…coz that was [tacky] as well."

Another concluded: "Can’t wait for the inevitable #ChangingRooms and Naked Attraction Channel 4 mash-up."

"Put your bum away Anna," someone else wrote.

Anna appears to have gotten the tattoo in October 2012, as she debuted the still healing ink in an old Twitter post.

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