Carol Kirkwood defends Sally Nugent as Dan Walker mocks her presenting on air

Carol Kirkwood defends Sally Nugent as Dan Walker mocks her presenting on air


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BBC Breakfast weather presenter Carol Kirkwood was forced to step in on Tuesday morning, after host Dan Walker began mocking Sally Nugent.

Dan and Sally were taking up seats on the red sofa to present the news of the day, with the situation in Afghanistan at the top of their agenda.

But there was soon a lull in the conversation, as a slightly awkward silence pervaded over the hosts.

After a moment, Sally began: "Hello, this is Breakfast-"

But Dan cut her off with a fit of giggles, apologising as Sally's head turned sharply towards him. "Sorry!"

"Are you laughing at me?" Sally asked her red-faced co-host.

Dan awkwardly insisted: "No! I thought we were going to Carol now."

"Oh, right, let's go to Carol!" Sally laughed. "We were talking about Carol, let's go straight to her! Morning Carol!"

Dan told the weather presenter: "Sally was going full formalities there, Carol. Sorry about that!"

But Carol wasn't letting him get away with laughing at her pal, as she told Dan: "Aww, Sally can do no wrong in my eyes!"

And Sally clearly wasn't afraid to offer Carol a compliment in return. As she and Dan were discussing the weather in Cumbria, Dan informed Sally that the meteorologist had taught him the difference between mist and fog.

"Carol told me once, the difference between mist and fog," Dan explained. "If you can see further than a kilometre, it's mist. If you can't, it's fog."

Sally couldn't hold back a compliment for the weather expert, as she said: "That's clever! Carol knows everything, doesn't she?"

It came after Dan awkwardly dubbed Sally "clueless" during a debate on home DIY, as the presenting duo looked through the day's newspapers.

Thankfully, Dan wasn't being too harsh a critic when Sally admitted she is "rubbish" at DIY, asking his co-presenter: "What are you like at DIY?"

Sally wasn't holding back as she responded: "What? What do you think I'm like at DIY? Dreadful."

In an attempt to compliment his co-host, Dan told her: "You've got hidden depths!" – though Sally insisted: "That's not my area of talent. I'm pretty rubbish.

"There's always something not quite straight, or a little bit of something hanging. The odd wonky shelf."

Dan was soon eating his earlier compliments, as he began to read an article aloud: "Some of us are clueless – sorry about that, Sal!"

Sally insisted her talents instead lie in "painting and decorating", leading Dan straight into a cheeky bedroom-based quip, telling her: "Well, I've got a bedroom that needs a bit of that, thank you!"

A clearly flustered Sally quickly put an end to his train of thought, as she scolded: "Let's move on, shall we?"

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

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