Bradley Walsh scolds Jenny Ryan for unnecessary swipe at The Chase player Hell stay

Bradley Walsh scolds Jenny Ryan for unnecessary swipe at The Chase player Hell stay


The Chase: Bradley Walsh bites back at 'unnecessary' joke

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During Wednesday’s classic episode of The Chase, ITV host Bradley Walsh welcomed four more contestants to take on The Chaser. Ron, Barbara, Karen and Alex went head-to-head with Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan in the hopes of winning as much money as possible. However, Jenny wasted no time in taking an “unnecessary” swipe at Alex, as she joked about him going home before he had even gone up against her.

Ron was the first contestant to take his chances and luck was on his side as he sailed through the quick-fire question round.

Despite hoping to go head-to-head with Jenny’s fellow Chaser, Anne Hegerty, Ron went up against the Vixen.

Jenny gave Ron the option to play for £18,000, but in the end, he played it safe and went for the £2,000 – which he ended up winning for the team.

Next up was Alex, who also stormed through his cash-builder round, and he ended up with a potential £4,000 in the bank.

Before Alex has even gone head-to-head with Jenny, she couldn’t help but poke fun at the contestant.

“Hello Alex, the legal eagle,” Jenny began before Alex replied: “Hello, thank you, Jenny.”

“It’s a good job you like hitchhiking,” Jenny joked. “You’re going to save us a few bob getting you home after the show.”

Stepping in to hit back at Jenny’s comment, Bradley interjected: “Put some money on the table, £4,000.

“That was unnecessary that – he’ll be staying, have no fear.”

Despite Jenny’s swipe at Alex, he managed to sail through the round and won £4,000 for the team’s cash fund.

Karen was the third contestant to play against Jenny and despite taking The Chaser’s low offer of £1,000, it wasn’t enough to put her through to the final.

Finally, it was Barbara’s turn and Jenny gave her the option of winning £40,000 for the team.

Ron tried to persuade her to go for the high offer, but Barbara played it safe and luckily for her, she made it through to the final.

The three contestants had £12,000 in their cash fund and managed to answer 23 questions correctly in the final round.

Jenny did her best in trying to answer her set of questions, but it wasn’t enough to beat the contestants.

The Vixen ran out of time, and she still had nine questions to answer.

Praising the team for winning £4,000 each, Bradley said: “Well played everyone, nine attempts to push back.”


He continued: “Brilliant performance. You haven’t been caught. You’ve outrun The Chaser.”

Bradley proceeded to ask the contestants what they were going to spend their winnings on.

Alex wanted to book a holiday, Ron had hopes of buying his granddaughter a pony and Barbara said she was going to buy a new car.

Jenny chipped in: “I was well beaten by a very good score set. They were pushing me back wherever they could.

“Well done team, well deserved.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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