Bradley Walsh baffles The Chase contestant with ridiculous answer Are you serious?

Bradley Walsh baffles The Chase contestant with ridiculous answer Are you serious?


The Chase: Contestant confused by Bradley's odd 'facts'

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Bradley Walsh often makes amusing quips when he’s presenting The Chase, which can even make Chaser Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty crack a smile. However, a contestant called Carla was left perplexed by the host’s absurd answer to a question on Wednesday’s episode of the ITV programme. She found herself asking Bradley whether he was pulling her leg or being genuine in an awkward exchange.

Contestants Moss, Si, Bill and Carla each went up against the newest Chaser Darragh ‘The Mennis’ Ennis.

When Carla took to the stage she was mortified she was only able to answer one question correctly.

After winning £1,000 she nervously told Bradley: “My dad is going to be so mad at me.”

However, Bradley reassured Carla that The Chase was not an easy game to play, especially when you have the added pressure of being filmed.

After learning her dad was called Bruce the host told the camera: “Bruce, don’t be mad, it’s much trickier here than it is in your front room.”

After a shaky start, Carla composed herself ahead of going up against Darragh who warmly told her not to feel thrown by her low score.

The Chaser offered her £500, £30,000 and £1,000, and after listening to the advice of her fellow contestants she opted for the lowest offer.

After selecting Darragh’s £500 offer, he told Carla: “That is the sensible offer and how you win the game.”

Thanks to Bradley and Darragh’s confidence boost, Carla appeared more relaxed in the next round and managed to answer some challenging questions correctly.

However, the round took an unusual turn when Bradley asked what the birth name of actor Michael Keaton was.

The options were Michael Douglas, Michael Caine or Michael Fassbender which seemed to confuse both Carla and Bradley.

With no time to spare, Carla selected Michael Douglas as her answer and said: “Well he’s a big actor, isn’t he? Well all of them are.”

Bradley explained how actors are not allowed to have the same name and revealed Michael Caines real name was Maurice Micklewhite.

The presenter added: “Michael Fassbender isn’t his real name either.

“His actual name is Diane Fischtenstick.”

Carla looked utterly confused by Bradley’s comments and replied: “I never know when you’re being serious or not?”

However, Darragh assured her Bradley was just teasing her before she discovered she’d chosen the correct answer.

Bradley told her: “Terrific, you played really, really well.”

Darragh added: “You picked the right offer because I would have been right behind you and you would have panicked.”

Carla successfully secured her place in the final alongside Bill and Si, but the trio ended up going home empty-handed after being defeated by Darragh.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 

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