'Blue Bloods': Danny Asks Baez if She Was Intimate With a Murder Victim in New Episode

'Blue Bloods': Danny Asks Baez if She Was Intimate With a Murder Victim in New Episode


Every episode of Blue Bloods shows Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) solving a case as a detective. But the next episode shows him putting his partner, Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez) in the hot seat and asking about her personal life. 

Danny and Baez found a serial killer on ‘Blue Bloods’

Season 11 started with the episode “Triumph Over Trauma.” Baez and Danny were at a crime scene where a woman was murdered. The murderer then placed a bag over her head. 

Danny later followed a lead by going to a house with Baez without warning anyone. Baez was pushed down a flight of stairs and they got trapped. They were rescued, but Danny discovered this is the work of a serial killer who still needs to be caught. 

This story didn’t continue until “More Than Meets the Eye.” Baez and Danny continue their search for the murderer. This time Baez is more of the hot head and takes the lead on the case. It all ended with Baez taking the murderer down leading to his arrest. 

However, she struggles with not wanting to kill him herself. Danny talks her out of it and asks her to not go off on her own again. She asks why given he does it all the time. “I don’t want you to be like Danny Reagan,” he tells her before saying, “Because I like Maria Baez.”

Danny asks Baez if she was intimate with a murder victim

A trailer for the upcoming episode has been released. Baez is seen leaving her home at night then sees a body of a dead man on her lawn. 

It looks like the partners won’t be working together the same way because of this. Danny is seen asking her questions like if she was intimate with the murder victim. “Seriously, Danny?” she asks him. She’s also seen in her home on the couch looking at pictures of herself with this man on her phone. 

Danny is then heard saying, “You and I both know she has nothing to do with this.” Frank (Tom Selleck) is shown in his office so he might be getting involved. Baez is seen again in her kitchen. She turns around shocked and she drops a wine glass.

It looks like it’ll be another dramatic episode for Danny and Baez. Baez is going from a hero to a possible murder suspect.

Some ‘Blue Bloods’ fans are starting to ship Danny and Baez

Danny and Baez have been working together since season 3. But some fans are starting to ship the partners.

They have grown closer with Baez going to Frank’s home for dinner in this season’s premiere. This new episode could show Danny getting jealous while learning about Baez’s personal life. Or it could ruin their chances for a possible romance. The new episode will air on March 19 on CBS.

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