'Big Sky': Ronald Just Did Something Horrific That He Can Never Undo

'Big Sky': Ronald Just Did Something Horrific That He Can Never Undo


Big Sky is finally back after a Winter hiatus, and it just keeps bringing the shock and awe. A lot has happened in just a few episodes, and episode 7 might have been one of the most shocking. Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty), the truck driver who’s in league with a corrupt state trooper named Rick Legarski (John Carroll Lynch), does something that he can never undo, and honestly, we’re still shocked about it.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from ‘Big Sky’]

The search for the missing girls is on

The series starts with two missing sisters, Danielle (Natalie Alyn Lind) and Grace (Jade Pettyjohn) who are kidnapped by Ronald on a highway in Montana. Ronald and Rick are involved in a sex trafficking ring. The two sisters are being held along with Jerrie (Jesse James Keitel), who was kidnapped from a truck stop right before them.

But little do Ronald and Rick know that Danielle’s boyfriend gets his parents involved with finding them, and they don’t stop until they do. Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and Cody Hoyt (Ryan Phillippe) are both private detectives, and along with Cody’s partner, Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), they track down every lead to find the girls. But Cody loses his life in the process when Rick shoots and kills him when he gets too close.

The missing girls have finally been found

Jenny and Cassie eventually figure out that Rick is a part of the abductions, but when they discover the place where the girls are being kept at the abandoned building of the Bureau of Land Management, they don’t manage to locate them because the girls are being kept underground, and they completely miss them in their search of the place. Rick and Ronald end up moving the girls to a bar/store that Rick frequents. 

Although Jenny and Cassie uncover where the girls had been kept at the site, they’re one step behind it seems. But Cassie goes to the bar and finds Rick in the basement, and she can hear the three girls being held against their will. It becomes obvious that he isn’t going to just hand then over though. Rick says he “just showed up to rescue” them, but Cassie is smarter than that. He pulls out his firearm, and Cassie already has hers out. She shoots him in the head when he starts counting to five and won’t drop his gun.

Ronald is paranoid he’s going to be caught

The girls are saved, but Rick is miraculously still alive. When he’s taken to the hospital, they are able to help him, and he eventually wakes up with amnesia, unable to remember that he was involved in kidnapping the girls. But Ronald is worried he’s going to be caught somehow because the police and investigators are looking for him.

Ronald’s mother, Helen, (Valerie Mahaffey), who has a truly strange relationship with her son, is immediately suspicious of him. He’s a long-haul trucker, which is who they are after, and he’s been acting suspiciously. He freely admits to her that no one knows about his involvement except Rick.

Ronald is stressed out because the girls can identify him. He does whatever he can to get information on Rick, including cultivating his relationship with Rick’s wife, Merilee (Brooke Smith). Through her, he learns that Rick is still alive. He changes his look, dying his hair black, cutting it, and painting his truck a blue color while getting rid of his old license plate.

Ronald just did something horrific that he can never undo

Ronald is a pretty terrifying guy just like his accomplice, and he’s grabbed his mother by the throat before when she asks if he’s a “sexual pervert.” He isn’t afraid to do something heinous, and he does just that to his mother in episode 7. He yells at his mother on more than one occasion, and before going over to see Merilee (who he’s been inching closer toward since before Rick was shot), he does something he can’t undo.

His mother tells him to wait and sit and talk with him. He yells at her again, and she tells him, “I prayed on it.” She continues, “And I cannot let you continue down this path. My love for you is as unconditional as it gets. So instead of protecting you, I’m going to save you.”

When Ronald asks what that means, Helen tells him that he’s “young,” and says, “You can get help still to be made well again. There are all kinds of new treatments. So I’ve decided to report you to the police.”

Ronald is shocked, and his mother tells him that she can’t have him thinking about murder, as she knows he’s going to try and kill Merilee, Rick’s wife, when they’re alone. He’s also hoping to find anything identifying him, so it’s critical he get over to Rick’s place to save himself. But hearing this information coming from his mother, he snaps her neck when she tells him, “It’s over Ronald.”

“Look what you made me do,” he says, as he calls out, “Mom,” in shock over what he did. He says he’s “sorry,” and it’s truly a gruesome turn of events. He can never undo what he did, and he’s also one step closer to getting caught.

Little does Rick know that a sketch artist did a work up of what Ronald looks like, and Merilee is now aware of who he is. When Ronald comes over to Merilee’s, Jenny and Cassie stop by. That’s where the episode ends, but it looks like he’ll probably be getting caught pretty soon.

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