'Big Brother 21' Episode 12: Unexpected Head Of Household Winner Makes Power Moves

'Big Brother 21' Episode 12: Unexpected Head Of Household Winner Makes Power Moves


Previously in Big Brother, Gr8ful grew to Unde9able and is now The Six Shooters with Jack, Michie, Holly, Analyse, Christie, and Tommy. Thus, removing Sam, Bella, and Nick from their alliance without telling them. For eviction last week, the three outcasts thought everyone would vote Nicole out. However, The Six Shooters blindsided them and voted to evict Cliff instead. Additionally, Christie won the Panic Power and has told almost everyone in the house, including the new Head of Household winner who is not a part of her alliance. Who won the HoH, and what power moves did the winner make? Keep reading to find out!

Nick and Bella feel betrayed by their alliance

Almost immediately after the Live Evictions, Nick and Bella gathered their alliance together to find out why they changed the vote and didn’t tell the couple. Sam agreed with Nick and thought he looked stupid for voting Nicole when everyone switched to eliminate Cliff. Therefore, the three realized “Gr8ful” and “De9able” are now defunct, and Nick admitted he doesn’t know if he can trust their former alliance anymore.

Bella also attempted to expose the group’s sneaky ways; however, Jack called her out as the one who divided their alliance before leaving the room. The Six Shooters have admitted Nick and Bella are their next targets, and Michie wants Nicole on their side to get the showmance out of the house. Michie then tried to get in good graces with the houseguest he banished the first episode and voted to evict last week, Cliff, but he isn’t buying it.

Who won the ‘Big Brother’ Season 21 Episode 12 Head of Household competition?

The houseguests, except outgoing HoH Nick, participated in Patch Perfect where the campers had to answer various questions about BB patches displayed on a screen. Two players were eliminated every round; either those with incorrect answers or the last two to buzz in their answer.

Nicole and Holly were the first two cut. And then Kathryn and Isabella got the incorrect answer, with Bella claiming she hit the wrong button. Jessica and Analyse, Michie and Sam, and Tommy and Christie all were eliminated leaving Old Man versus Aqua Man. Cliff selected the correct answer before Jack, becoming the new Head of Household.

Who did the ‘Big Brother’ Season 21 Episode 12 Head of Household nominate for eviction?

With everyone recently voting Cliff out, he became the most popular camper in the house with several contestants wanting to talk to him to see who he would nominate. Nicole, Jessica, Kathryn, Bella, and Nick knew they were safe, and Cliff wanted to make the bigger heavyweights in the game sweat a little bit.

Michie approached him with a plan that Cliff nominate him as a pawn so that he can win the Power of Veto and Christie can use her power, changing it to the Diamond Power of Veto. Therefore, Cliff went to reevaluate who he would put up because he does not wish for Christie to use her power.

He talked to Nick and Bella and struck a deal with them, saying he could care less about Bella’s deceitfulness as long as they continue to work with him. The couple seemingly agreed, and Cliff pulled a big power move by nominating Michie and his best friend in the house, Jack. Therefore, even if Michie takes himself off the block, his number one is still up for elimination.

Who will win the Power of Veto, and will they use it to save Michie or Jack from eviction? Watch Big Brother Wednesdays at 8 P.M. EST on CBS!

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