Ben Shephard's Tipping Point pulled from screens in last minute ITV schedule shake-up for Grand National

Ben Shephard's Tipping Point pulled from screens in last minute ITV schedule shake-up for Grand National


TIPPING Point fans were left distraught after learning today's episode will again be scrapped for ITV's racing coverage.

The broadcaster has prioritised the annual sports event from Aintree, meaning a shift in the schedules.

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It sees Ben Shephard's show removed from its 4pm slot as the racing coverage, featuring former Love Island star Chris Hughes, takes priority from 2pm to 5pm.

Although hit ITV quiz series The Chase remains, starting just after the horse racing wraps.

ITV Racing has been covering the major sports event in the build-up to tomorrow's Grand National, which this year will have a different feel with the lack of crowds due to COVID rules.

Yet the unexpectedly late programme change has left Tipping Point regulars fuming.

One took to Twitter to write: "Tipping Point’s been cancelled for the f**king racing."

Another commented: "It seems racing has priority nowadays," as one moaned: "Corrie got moved for football the other week! I mean there are dedicated sports channels so why does sport have to encroach on ‘ours’?."

A quiz show fan then agreed she "hated " the situation and added: "I'm sure we are not alone."

An ITV viewer then surmised: "Can't believe @ITV have taken #tippingpoint off for Horse Racing #GrandNational build up."

Good Morning Britain host Ben will return to front Tipping Point on Monday.

Previously, the show anchor left viewers stunned with a very risque "well hung" comment during one episode.

The ITV presenter was chatting to contestants Dawn and Selena, with the former having suffered a nail-biting fail which saw her hand the advantage to her competitor.

Dawn smiled and said: "I've lined it up perfectly for you my dear," to which Ben, 46, uttered the surprising remark: "That is beautifully set up.

"That is a seriously well hung shelf now," as Selena continued to laugh.

He continued: "And it's all in your hands now Selena.

"All you need to do is get this counter – time for your second question."

Fans couldn't believe the Good Morning Britain anchor let slip the term, usually used to refer to someone's manhood.

One took to Twitter to squeal: "Ooohh well hung! Ben you're on one today."

A second quizzed: "Did Ben just say the bottom shelf was “well hung”? Wow!!!! #tippingpoint."

A third then wrote: "Thats a well hung shelf!! #tippingpoint."

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