Ben Fogle, Helen Skelton and the Yorkshire Shepherdess team up for 5 on the Farm Festival

Ben Fogle, Helen Skelton and the Yorkshire Shepherdess team up for 5 on the Farm Festival


BEN Fogle, Helen Skelton and the Yorkshire Shepherdess and have joined forces for 5 on the Farm Festival.

Earlier this week Channel 5 announced that a host of top stars will be headlining the first ever ‘5 on the Farm’ Festival' in Yorkshire, which is scheduled to take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Over 30,000 fans are expected at the three-day event, which is described as a 'celebration of all things that make Britain’s outdoors so wonderful!'

Presenter Ben, 47, will be at the festival to share his adventuring tales – from swimming with crocodiles, conquering Mount Everest and crossing Antarctica, to rowing the Atlantic Ocean.

When talking about the festival, Ben gushed: “The 5OTF festival is going to be brilliant."

He will be joined by fellow presenter Helen Skelton, 37, and the Yorkshire shepherdess Amanda Owen as he added: "It’s a celebration of all things outdoors with a whole raft of Channel 5 names.

"Amanda Owen, the Yorkshire shepherdess is going to be there, Helen Skelton, JB Gill and Jules Hudson from This Week on the Farm and loads more."

He continued: “The idea is that we will all get together on the farm, sitting around on straw bales up on stage, sharing stories from the wilderness, farm life and country life.

"It’s going to be a celebration of everything that we love about this great country, specifically focusing on Yorkshire.”

In The Barn, visitors can join in with live Q&As with Ben and Amanda, as well as her son Reuben Owen.

Visitors will also be able to get Dog Training Tips with Graeme Hall and meet their favourite animals from the show all in our live studio set ‘behind the scenes’ experience.

Young visitors can expect endless fun and entertainment in the Milkshake! Meadow where newly announced favourites such as Fireman Sam and Firefighter Penny Morris and Daisy & Ollie.

They will be joined by Peppa Pig, Chase and Marshall from Paw Patrol, Milkshake! Monkey and Blue from Blue’s Clues and You.

As well as top names, the dog-friendly festival’s programme will be packed full of creative workshops, crafting, outdoor activities, leaving something for everyone to enjoy.

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