Below Deck Mediterranean: Is Malia White dating one of her co-stars?

Below Deck Mediterranean: Is Malia White dating one of her co-stars?


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Malia is known for laying down the law with her co-stars as the bosun on Below Deck Mediterranean, with her duties including supervising the crew onboard the vessel. The star of the reality documentary series, which also airs on Channel 4’s sister network E4 in the UK, has enjoyed several relationships over the years but it has been reported she is now dating one of her co-stars. Here is everything you need to know about the blossoming romance from the Bravo show and whether it will be featured in upcoming episodes.

Is Malia White dating one of her Below Deck Mediterranean co-stars?

Yes, Malia has confirmed she has begun dating one of the crew members on board the Lady Michelle and he is a part of the season six cast.

The engineer on board the vessel for the latest episodes, Jake, isn’t usually seen on camera as his work tends to be done away from the drama.

However, he has appeared as a background character and it isn’t clear to viewers the pair are enjoying a romance.

This is because they have two very different roles and whereas the engineer’s work is behind the scenes, Malia is front of house.

Captain Sandy Yawn introduced Jake to the crew in the season six premiere but it is not known when he started dating his co-star.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about [laughs]. Like, I needed a lot of oil changes,” Malia explained, acting coy about when she and Jake started dating.

It turns out the pair started their romance away from the cameras and after season six had finished filming.

Jake was the one who made the first move and ever since the co-stars have been enjoying each other’s company and have been getting to know each other a little better.

The bosun did not reveal on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen whether the relationship would be a part of season seven if the pair are still together by then.

I needed a lot of oil changes

Malia White

Malia appeared on the talk show with her co-star David Pascoe, who admitted in recent episodes he had a crush on the bosun.

“I think Malia’s great. Like, really, really great,” he commented in the instalment from July but unfortunately, nothing ever happened between the pair.

Despite his own feelings for the supervisor, the deckhand has said he is not jealous of her moving on with someone else.

This relationship with Jake was not expected as Malia had previously said she was not looking for romance on the show.

Has Malia White dated one of her Below Deck Mediterranean co-stars before?

Yes, Malia and Tom Checketts were together during season five of the show and they were spotted getting very close to one another at the reunion.

Unfortunately, it did not work out between the pair as their work schedules made it impossible for them to make time for each other.

The bosun said back in September last year: “This industry’s tough. We worked apart for a long time. Tom and I are done. I’m single.

“That’s the downside to this industry is that it’s really tough to work apart and work on these boats because obviously, you’ve seen attractions happen and things happen,” she told Andy Cohen.

This is what prompted her to say in a follow-up interview she did not want the same situation to happen again.

Following her breakup from Tom, she explained: “Well, I think you see, like, I talk to Tom on the phone at the beginning of the season. Our relationship had — it was still pretty fresh, like the breakup and everything.

“So I was not really open to relationships or romance or anything. You know, I’d just [gotten] out of a pretty bad breakup, so [I was] pretty closed off.”

She told Bravo Insider if she was to start up another romance, she would like it to be with someone in the industry as it would “make sense.”

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 continues Mondays on Bravo and all episodes are available to stream on hayu.

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