BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay sparks outrage as Health Secretary shuts down tense chat

BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay sparks outrage as Health Secretary shuts down tense chat


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BBC Breakfast host Jon Kay was shut down by new Health Secretary Therese Coffey during tense grilling as she ended interview early.

During Wednesday’s instalment of the popular BBC morning show, the 52-year-old broadcaster returned to Number 10 Downing Street as he shared live coverage ahead of Liz Truss’ first cabinet meeting.

While Sally Nugent held down the fort on the red sofa at the Salford studios, the TV presenter interviewed the first female deputy prime minister as he grilled her on the backlash she has faced on social media.

But it appeared as though the politician was unimpressed with his line of questioning as she swiftly shut down his comments, arguing that she had to “move on” to another broadcaster.

When she appeared on the BBC show, the 50-year-old MP discussed her ABCD police which aims to improve ambulances, medical backlog, care, doctors and dentists in the NHS.

She told viewers at home: “As I say my focus is on ABCD and that will be my focus for the time that I'm in health and social care.

“Forgive me to my friends at the BBC I need to move on to another broadcaster.”

Determined to get answers following the backlash she received about her religion and opinions on health, Jon pushed for an answer on air.

He said: “Okay well we’ll see you down here in Downing Street very shortly but I was just going to ask you before you go.

“You know that there’s scrutiny about your personal views and your faith right now.

“You'll also have seen stuff on social media last night talking about you being a smoker, how do you welcome all of this talk?”

Therese fired back with: "I didn’t look at social media last night, I'm too busy trying to get ready. I didn’t look at social media last night, I don’t tend to look at social media.

"You know, frankly I've had all sorts of abuse hurled at me over many years, it doesn’t worry me.

"What does worry me is making sure that I keep my focus on the ABCD and that’s what I'll be doing as the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. Thank you so much, I appreciate your time."

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