BBC Breakfast viewers fume as presenter Jon Kay discusses Rishi Sunaks slippers

BBC Breakfast viewers fume as presenter Jon Kay discusses Rishi Sunaks slippers


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BBC Breakfast presenter Jon Kay has been criticised by viewers after he asked labour MP Bridget Phillipson about chancellor Rishi Sunak's slippers.

The Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury appeared on the morning programme to discuss the conservative's upcoming budget plans which will be taking place on Wednesday.

But as the interview came to a close, John couldn't help but mention Rishi's "sliders" that he wears while at work.

The host also went on to ask Bridget about her footwear preferences too.

Jon, 51, said: "The one thing we do know of course this morning is what the chancellor wears on his feet.

"You would have seen these pictures in the papers this morning of Rishi Sunak preparing with his sliders and socks on."

He then asked Michelle whether she was "impressed" by Rishi's footwear.

Michelle replied: "I tend to prefer a warmer set of slippers to those I've got to say. Even though I'm a Northerner I tend to get on the cold side, so I prefer set of slippers.

She added: "But I can assure you I'm wearing a nice pair of heels sat here in the studio."

Jon then asked: "No sliders on this morning."

Taking the comment on her chin, Michelle then said she may get in trouble if she was to wear that sort of footwear in the House of Commons.

Despite the light-hearted remarks exchanged between the two of them, some viewers thought Jon's questions were rather unnecessary and steered away from more important matters.

Taking to Twitter, one annoyed viewer said: "Does his bl**dy footwear matter FFS."

Another said: "Kids going hungry. Parents choosing between heat and food. #bbcbreakfast: 'what do you think of the chancellor in his sliders'."

While a third added: "The BBC Rules of Journalism – All Tory MPs must be allowed to talk utter bollocks without being challenged whilst all opposition should be shouted down even if talking sense."

The UK Government is set to reveal its taxation and spending plans for the next year in its upcoming Budget announcement later on today.

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