BBC Breakfast slammed over ‘car crash’ Gillian Keegan interview ‘Doesn’t have a clue’

BBC Breakfast slammed over ‘car crash’ Gillian Keegan interview ‘Doesn’t have a clue’


Sally Nugent grills Gillian Keegan on new isolation rules

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Health Minister Gillian Keegan was invited onto Wednesday’s instalment of BBC Breakfast to discuss the changes to COVID-19 testing requirements in England. When host Sally Nugent probed the minister on the topic she admitted she “didn’t have any official news updates” to share. Many viewers branded the interview a “car crash” and accused the minister of “not having a clue” about proposed changes to coronavirus testing. 

Nugent probed the minister on whether she had any updates on the proposed changes to coronavirus testing which she could share with BBC viewers. 

However, Keegan replied: “All I can tell you is that we are doing a lot of testing, we are probably testing more per head than any other country in the world as we are doing lots of lateral flow testings. 

“But I don’t have any official news or updates for you this morning.” 

Nugent continued: “But we know ministers are finalising plans for millions of people who test positive on a lateral flow test who are now being told they do not need to take a follow-up PCR test if they are asymptomatic. What do you know about that?”

The minister replied: “Well as I say I don’t have any official news on that but I know the teams are looking at testing.” 

Swarms of BBC Breakfast viewers took to Twitter to hit out over the interview, with @LEF89 commenting: “Gillian Keegan on BBC Breakfast [was an] absolute car crash of an interview. 

“Just smiling and saying nothing for five minutes. She doesn’t seem to have a clue about the proposed changes. Another politician promoted way above her capability. #BBCBreakfast #GillianKeegan.”

Paul Stokes fumed: “If Gillian Keegan was being interviewed by me for a job I would bring it to a swift close. Vacuous lazy and inarticulate. And smug. Don’t forget smug. #bbcbreakfast

Ordinary Bloke added: “Here we go again… It’s that time for the community of Twitter folks that just love to watch interviews, and get themselves all ‘faux outraged’ by not hearing the answers they want, or any answer! #BBCBreakfast

More to follow…

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