Bake Off fans stunned to learn Noel Fielding is 47 years old during '80s week – older than co-host Matt Lucas

Bake Off fans stunned to learn Noel Fielding is 47 years old during '80s week – older than co-host Matt Lucas


THE Great British Bake Off fans were stunned to learn that Noel Fielding is 47 years old during this week's '80s themed challenges.

Viewers could not contain their shock when he dropped the bombshell in tonight's episode of the show.

Noel hinted that he'd been born long before the '80s throughout the programme and eventually revealed his age.

He and co-host Matt Lucas reinforced that they were nearing 50 as they performed a dance in the tent.

The comedic duo referenced '80s kids show Emu's All Live Pink Windmill, with Noel telling the confused younger bakers that they'd have to be "over 45 to get it".

Fans admitted that they refused to believe Noel was telling the truth and looked him up online to check that he really is 47.

They then flocked to Twitter to share their reaction to the news, with one writing: "NOEL FIELDING IS FORTY F**KING SEVEN!?"

Another exclaimed: "Noel is 47?! Am I the only one who is in shock at this revelation?"

A third wrote: "HOW IS NOEL FIELDING 47?"

One more gasped: "Noel is 47! I actually had to Google that to double check!"

Another tweeted: "Biggest shocker this week is finding out that Noel Fielding is 47!"

Others shared their surprise that he is older than Matt, who is 46 and was born 10 months after Noel.

Last week it was revealed that Noel had become a dad for the second time after his wife Lliana Bird gave birth.

The pair already welcomed daughter Dali in 2018, and Lliana casually revealed baby number two's arrival with a photo of four toy spiders alongside the caption "The Bird Fielding family of 🕷"

Lliana announced she was pregnant back in August, saying she had “been baking something” in lockdown and confirmed she was now on maternity leave.

The couple, who have been together since 2010, live in North London and have kept their daughter out of the spotlight, and do not share pictures of her on social media.

They have not revealed whether their second child is a boy or a girl, or their name.

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