Bake Off fans all have same complaint as show is 'ruined' by MORE Channel 4 technical errors and subtitle problems'

Bake Off fans all have same complaint as show is 'ruined' by MORE Channel 4 technical errors and subtitle problems'


BAKE Off fans all had the same complaint as show was 'ruined' by MORE Channel 4 technical errors and subtitle problems on bread week.

Viewers were incensed and took to Twitter to complain as their show was off to a terrible start.

Bake off fans who tuned in for 'Bread Week' where the bakers attempted to make Italian focaccia and milk bread were left disappointed when their viewing was disrupted.

They took to Twitter to complain, with one posting a shot of "Programmes continue shortly."

Another wrote: "@Channel4 What's going on??? It's Bake Off time…"

Other fans' viewing was ruined by lack of subtitles.

One wrote: "Looks like I’m going to miss #bakeoff probably this year because #[email protected] ongoing problems with #subtitles#disappointed."

Another said: "Fix your subtitles @Channel4. Are you expecting me to watch the entirety of bakeoff without understanding what they're saying?"

Just last week Great British Bake Off fans were left fuming after struggling to hear the show.

Viewers complained in their droves about the sound, insisting that they could not understand what narrator Noel Fielding was saying.

Some even joked that it sounded like the host had recorded the voiceover for Biscuit Week from "inside a biscuit tin".

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "#GBBO glad to see other people think the sound is all over the place tonight. I wasn’t sure if it was me or Noel was doing the voiceover from the bottom of a biscuit barrel."

Another said: "Why do Noel and Matt sound like they're speaking from inside a biscuit tin? #GBBO."

A third tweeted: "Is anybody else having issues hearing the narration over the music… the sound is all over the place! #GBBO."

A fourth even mused: "Has anyone else just spent 10 minutes fiddling with their sound settings before checking twitter too? #GBBO."


The sound on The Great British Bake Off was one of the latest issue to hit Channel 4 the last few days.

Married At First Sight fans were also furious to miss the grand finale because of technical issues.

Addressing the problems at the time, the broadcaster said in a statement: "Channel 4 and More 4 are currently off air due to a technical problem. We are working to restore them as quickly as possible."


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