Antiques Roadshow expert warns it needs to be saved over Bond poster

Antiques Roadshow expert warns it needs to be saved over Bond poster


Antiques Roadshow: Wayne looks at James Bond poster

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In a classic instalment of the BBC valuation show, Wayne analysed a poster for the first-ever movie in the James Bond franchise, Dr No. The couple who owned the poster had hoped to find out it may be worth a fortune, but the classic art specialist detailed the original controversies that came from the very poster back in the day.

The couple brought along the poster, which depicted women in scant clothing alongside the iconic character, James Bond, to be reviewed on Antiques Roadshow.

“Here we have an original poster for Doctor No – the first James Bond film, starring Sean Connery,” Wayne described.

He pointed out: “And we can see here, hiding in the shadows is Dr No.

“It was written by Ian Fleming… Where did you get this poster from?”

One of the guests replied: “My wife and I scraped it from the cellar wall of my grandmother’s house.”

“You scraped it?” Wayne clarified, to which the owner explained: “Scraped it, yeah, with wallpaper knives. This was one of 30 or 40 movie posters.”

Wayne remarked: “So you scraped it off with a scraper… You can see a few marks where you’ve done that.”

He continued: “Well, the film itself… the first ever James Bond film, has gone down in history now.”

“I think Sean Connery was the best Bond,” chimed the co-owner of the poster.

“Was he your favourite?” Wayne asked as she nodded and commented: “He is my favourite Bond, yeah.”

Wayne went on to describe why the poster had been scandalous in some countries at the time of its release.

“The Vatican issued a special communique, saying that this was bringing the moral sentiments of the nation down,” he explained.

“And in Ireland, the posters that they displayed, they had to put clothes on the models.

“It was too risque for the time in Catholic countries.”

As the guests took in the news, Wayne eventually got around to the all-important valuation.

“Only last year, a Dr No, the first James Bond film poster in fantastic condition at an international auction house made £87,000.”

“Crickey,” the guest responded before Wayne added: “Now, I think that was a slight one-off because someone just wanted it.

“But they often sell for £30,000 and I think even in this rather worn condition, being scraped off the wall, there’s an auction guide price of £5,000 to £6,000.”

“That’s not bad, is it?” The owner enthused, adding: “Wow.”

Referring to their technique of scraping it off the wall, Wayne admitted: “I’m really glad you did because it needs to be saved, it’s iconic now.”

The James Bond fans decided to hang onto the historic poster for now though.

“I think give it another 10 years it might increase a bit more, so it’ll be worth keeping I think,” one commented.

“I’m glad you’ve decided what we’re doing, that’s great!” The other joked to his wife, who laughed: “Well, that’s what I think!”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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