Anna Richardsons pals say TV host is fun due to looking at genitalia

Anna Richardsons pals say TV host is fun due to looking at genitalia


Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen shares what it's really like working with his co-host Anne Richardson, saying she is "obviously" a bundle of fun to work with.

The Daily Star chatted exclusively to Channel 4's Changing Rooms icon at the Together Short Lives Ball that took place in London on Tuesday.

When asked what it was like working with Naked Attraction host Anna Richardson on the new reboot of Changing Rooms which came out in August, he said it was a joy.

Laurence said: "It was great fun, she was so cheeky."

His long-term wife Jackie Bowen chimed in to say: "Yes, she's naughty!"

He then continued: "I think anybody that spends her entire career looking at genitalia, then they're going to be quite fun to hang out with. And her dad's a bishop you know, so she's got everything covered!"

Laurence also revealed the secrets behind his long-term marriage with the mother of his two children.

When asked what the secret to being together for 37 years is, Laurence said: "Total obedience."

His wife Jack then jumped in to say: "And gin."

Lauren then joked: "Obediently getting the gin."

Talking about the reboot of his Channel 4 show, he touched upon former presenter Carole Smilie – whose role he took over when the series began again in 2021.

It was rumoured Carole was a little put out by the producers' choice not to ask her back, but Laurence stated that she had taken it well.

He continued: "It would have been a danger that if she did come back it would have been like Jurassic Park."

Speaking about the Scottish host's career U-turn going from TV presenting to becoming a 'Human celebrant' in 2018, he poked fun at his former colleague.

Carole's new role involves conducting non-religious funerals, weddings other notable ceremonies.

Laurence quipped: "She now buries people in Scotland, so it's completely different anyway."

Jack then interrupted him to say: "No, she marries them!"

At the event, the Daily Star also caught up with Simon Cowell, who confirmed that he's changing the format of ITV show Britain's Got Talent; but he refused to confirm if he'd ever work with Piers Morgan again.

The music mogul used to sit on the judging panel with Piers on his hit ITV talent show BGT, as well as its American sibling show, America's Got Talent.

Simon and Piers have since gone their separate ways, leaving many wondering if the judging duo will ever reunite in front of the cameras again.

When asked if he would ever work with Piers again, Simon left a long pause before he finally replied: "I'm not even going there."

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