'And Just Like That…': 2 Rumors That Turned out to Be True and 1 That Might Still Happen

'And Just Like That…': 2 Rumors That Turned out to Be True and 1 That Might Still Happen


Fans are officially halfway through the first season of And Just Like That… While the series has only been on HBO Max for a month, it feels like it’s been around much longer. That’s likely because rumors about the show have bounced around the internet since HBO Max announced the project. Interestingly enough, two of the most prominent tales turned out to be true, and it looks like one other major storyline rumor could still turn out to be correct, too. 

Mr. Big did, in fact, die in the first episode of ‘And Just Like That…’ 

Shortly before filming for And Just Like That… began, rumors started to swirl that Mr. Big, Carrie Bradshaw’s longtime love, would die early on in the series. The rumor suggested the majority of the show would follow Carrie as she attempted to pick up the pieces of her life after the sudden death. While fans argued about the potential storyline for months, most agreed that it seemed plausible. 

The rumors were correct. Mr. Big’s death came in the final moments of the show’s premiere episode. The second episode, “Little Black Dress,” which aired on the same day as the premiere, featured Mr. Big’s funeral. Each subsequent episode has dealt with the fall out of his death in some capacity, although storylines for both Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York have been woven in, as well. 

Rumors about Samantha Jones’ whereabouts were spot on, too 

Sex and the City fans had a lot of misgivings about And Just Like That… Their biggest concerns surrounded Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrall, the actor who played Samantha for all six seasons of the original series, opted not to return. While there were a lot of rumors about how the show would deal with her absence, the most persistent story suggested Samantha had moved away.

While tales of a falling out made their way around the internet, there were also reports that suggested Samantha would be killed off, The Daily Mail published a report from an alleged insider in November 2021 about Samantha’s actual fate. The insider told The Daily Mail that Samantha would be living in London during the reboot. That turned out to be 100% true, down to why she left The Big Apple behind. 

‘And Just Like That…’ fans still think Mr. Big might have a secret child 

While Samantha’s rumored storyline and Mr. Big’s rumored storyline both turned out to be true, several other rumors have yet to come to fruition. Many of them won’t, but one rumored plot point could still come to pass.

In July 2021, Deadline announced that Isaac Powell would be joining the cast of And Just Like That… as a character named George. HBO Max initially added the actor to the lineup but then pulled all mention of him. HBO seemingly stopped mentioning the character after fans began to speculate that Mr. Big had a secret child with Natasha Naginsky. The character has yet to appear in the series. 

Mr. Big left Natasha an inheritance in his will, and a concrete reason for that inheritance has yet to be revealed. The inclusion of Mr. Big’s assistant, Gloria, in the storyline also lends some credence to the rumored plotline. HBO has just five episodes to let it play out. Whether it will actually happen remains to be seen.

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