Anatomy of a Scandal ending explained: What happened to James Whitehouse?

Anatomy of a Scandal ending explained: What happened to James Whitehouse?


Anatomy of a Scandal: Netflix releases trailer for new series

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Anatomy of a Scandal is the latest courtroom TV drama to hit Netflix and it is based on the novel of the same name. Viewers are thrown into the centre of a government scandal involving minister James Whitehouse (played by Rupert Friend). has all you need to know about whether James was innocent.


What happened at the end of Anatomy of a Scandal?

Viewers learned James’ life was turned upside down when his colleague Olivia Litton (Naomi Scott) accused him of raping her.

The pair had been having an affair, behind his wife Sophie’s (Sienna Miller) back.

Olivia told the court how their relationship took a dark turn when James made an advance on her in a lift.

However, James was adamant his ‘player’ reputation was firmly in the past.

Viewers were left wondering who was telling the truth and whether James really was innocent.

Prosecution barrister Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery) was adamant James was guilty of rape.

She had good reason to believe so, as James had sexually assaulted her whilst they were at university.

In a surprising twist, fans discovered how Kate was in fact Sophie’s university friend, Holly Berry.

Flashbacks showed how James had bumped into her after a party, and he raped her on the university grounds.

She did not tell anyone at the time and instead changed her whole identity.

Only a couple of close confidantes knew her real name, and what had happened to her.

By the end of the series, Sophie had figured out who Kate really was, and sympathised with her.

Sophie had used Holly to write lecture notes and recognised Holly’s unique study habits.

Viewers may have presumed Sophie would hate Kate for trying to send her husband to prison.

However, no longer knowing who her husband really was, she sided with her former friend.

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She told the police about how James and his university friends had withheld information about a tragic death that happened during their university years.

James had taken drugs from one of his friends, who had then fallen to his death, as he had been high at the time.

James ran from the scene and hid the evidence, confiding in Sophie as he was full of guilt.

The jury may have found him innocent of rape, but he would not escape punishment that easily.

With a fresh line of inquiry into the historic death, James found himself once again facing prison time.

Kate was worried she would lose her job if she revealed her true identity and told the judge what James had done to her.

In order to save Kate’s career, Sophie gave the police something else to look into.

She had already told James she wanted to leave him, and so had nothing to lose.

As to whether James really did rape Olivia, the answer is not clear.

However, from James’ history of sexual assault, it seems likely she was telling the truth.

Anatomy of a Scandal is on Netflix now.

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