American Horror Stories’ Kevin McHale drops huge clue Barry is alive: Up to Ryan

American Horror Stories’ Kevin McHale drops huge clue Barry is alive: Up to Ryan


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After meeting a horrific end in season one of the new anthology show American Horror Stories, fans are wondering if Barry (played by Kevin McHale) will make a return in the future to the FX on Hulu series. The actor discussed his complex character and how Barry could possibly return.

American Horror Stories is a new anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for FX on Hulu.

The series recently premiered and each episode will feature a different horror story.

The spin-off from the American Horror Story anthology series will also see a host of original cast members return for the new series, including Matt Bomer, Dylan McDermott, Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch, and Jamie Brewer.

However, new cast member Kevin McHale has recently hinted that his character Barry is still alive after the events of episode four, The Naughty List.

The Naughty List follows a group of YouTube influencers who post an extremely problematic video online and later suffer the consequences for their actions.

The episode introduces viewers to the “Bro House”, the group of influencers consisting of Barry, Zinn (Nico Greetham), Wyatt (Charles Melton), and James (Dyllón Burnside).

The foursome will do anything to get subscribers for their channel, one of which is telling young children Santa isn’t real.

This leads to a mall Santa (Danny Trejo), who happens to be a serial killer, to hunt them down to give them “what they deserve” as punishment for the children finding out the truth.

For their indiscretions, Santa killed the influencers one by one and Barry was later gruesomely burned alive.

Speaking to TVLine, McHale discussed the future of his character, despite meeting his demise, as well as the ongoing Twitter theory that Barry is still alive.

He said: “Well, it’s funny. I was watching it with some friends over at my house, and they were also like, ‘Wait, did you actually die?’

“And I said yes. I think Barry died,” he continued.

However, dropping a huge clue that all may not be as it seems, he added to the publication: “It’s ultimately up to Ryan Murphy, though, he can always reverse that if need be.”

While Murphy has resurrected prior characters in the past, Barry’s death seems very final so there would have to be a very good reason he was able to return.

McHale noted that most of the fans on Twitter don’t want Barry to be dead as he was seen as the “good” one of the group.

Despite their terrible actions as they attempted to gain more subscribers, Barry was the only one that fans really loved and hoped wouldn’t be killed by Santa.

Though, McHale thinks differently, believing that Barry got exactly what he deserved and so did his friends.

“He’s only good in comparison,” the actor added, laughing at the idea.

“My thing is that he was still there, he still chose to film and upload these horrible videos.

“Just by proximity, he’s still a d****ebag,” he explained.

Will Barry return for another episode and, if so, how would that be possible?

American Horror Stories is available to watch on FX on Hulu in the US. A UK release date has yet to be announced.

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