Adil Ray explodes at Shapps for dodging Christmas party probe: ‘People want answers!’

Adil Ray explodes at Shapps for dodging Christmas party probe: ‘People want answers!’


GMB: Grant Shapps is grilled over Boris Johnson's 'party'

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With claims continuing to emerge regarding possible Christmas parties within the government last year while the UK was in lockdown, Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray and Ranvir Singh put Grant Shapps on the spot on Wednesday morning. The latest developments have seen a photo involving Shaun Bailey MP and others gathered at a Christmas gathering at the Conservative’s Westminster headquarters last year obtained by The Mirror. Combined with the Tory rebels who voted against Boris Johnson’s latest Covid measure in parliament on Tuesday, the ITV duo were quick to clash with Mr Shapps.

Singh and Ray also put a photo of the prime minister reportedly hosting a Christmas quiz via video link to Mr Shapps to ask his opinion.

While Mr Shapps admitted rule-breakers were “disgraceful”, he defended the prime minister’s actions as he was reading “thank you” messages to staff virtually and at a safe distance before arguing the new photo of Mr Bailey was taken as part of a London mayoral party rather than Tory-organised.

But Singh pointed out: “There’s an email that’s come out which suggested people who were attending should go out through the back door of Number 10 Downing Street.”

“Sorry, I saw a picture of the quiz which is a rather different picture from the weekend,” Mr Shapps replied as he differentiated between Mr Johnson and Mr Bailey.

“The prime minister’s sat in front of a virtual screen thanking staff for 10 or 15 minutes,” Mr Shapps continues but was cut off by Singh who interrupted: “It’s where all the other staff were and if they were all together in the same room.”

Mr Shapps went on to argue it “didn’t look like a rave to me” when looking at the photo of Mr Johnson but Ray soon stepped in.

“It doesn’t look like a work meeting either,” the GMB host blasted. “One’s in a Christmas hat and the other one’s got tinsel around their neck.”

As Mr Shapps tried to jump back into the debate, Ray ranted: “You’re avoiding the point!

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“People at home want some answers, Mr Shapps, so come on, let’s try answer the questions,” he swiped.

Ray then referred to Singh’s earlier probe and asked: “Why on earth would you send an email out days before and say, ‘By the way, make sure everyone leaves by the back exit’?”

Mr Shapps finally got his chance to respond as he answered: “Look, people were working in Number 10 because they had to work in Number 10 throughout that period to deal with the response -“

“But why would they need to leave by the back entrance?” Ray exploded again, prompting Mr Shapps to say: “I don’t know the detail.”

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But Ray interrupted once more, arguing: “Well, you can see why it looks a little bit…”

“Just to explain though,” Mr Shapps cut in. “It would be quite a routine message received,” he added, suggesting alternative exits are often suggested to Downing Street guests.

It’s safe to say the clash divided viewers, with some blasting Ray for his line of questioning while other weren’t impressed with Mr Shapps’ answers.

On Twitter, @YolandeNads69 fumed: “@GMB @ranvir01 @adilray OMG… Adil Ray.. we all know that he hates the conservatives.  But why are they banging on about a virtual quiz?”

“@GMB omg! Back to the ranting, please get rid of this poor man’s Piers Morgan,” @19carlilee argued while @cheltdavid weighed in: ”@adilray change the b****y record. You’ve done this to death. 

“You say people want answers, no the people want to hear what else is going on in the world and Omnicron. It’s done, it’s history. And BTW people were not listening to the government last year!! #GMB,” they added.

While @BeauteNCo argued: “More lies… More beating around the bush…. More deflection…. More condoning.”

And @Terry6718033235 added: “He doesn’t know! None of the tories know what was happening in 10 Downing Street. The government house, REALLY. Yet we are supposed to trust them to run the country REALLY. Sort your own house out first before telling the pubic what to do.” (Sic)

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