Adele Annoys the Cast of 'The Bachelor' and Can't Stop Laughing in a Decent 'Saturday Night Live'

Adele Annoys the Cast of 'The Bachelor' and Can't Stop Laughing in a Decent 'Saturday Night Live'


After a lackluster episode that didn’t take full advantage of the comedic skills of Issa Rae, the latest episode of Saturday Night Live hosted by Adele brought some life back to the late night sketch series. The chart-topping Grammy winner hosted for the first time and didn’t pull double duty as musical guest, but that didn’t stop her from belting out some of her signature tunes in one of the best sketches of the night. But she also couldn’t keep her composure and kept cracking up during one of the worst sketches.

So let’s get down to the best and worst sketches of the Adele hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Madame Vivelda – In 2019, everyone thought 2020 was going to be the year that we turned it all around. But as we all know, this year kicked us square in the face. But what if a fortune teller knew about all the insanity that awaited us, and a group of friends just didn’t know how to decipher the madness that awaited us? That’s what happens in this sketch, which even manages to get a timely reference to Jeffrey Toobin’s inappropriate Zoom gaffe in there.

The Bachelor – You’ve seen SNL tackle The Bachelor before, but usually the formula finds a variety of contestants constantly interrupting quality time between The Bachelor and the rest of the women. But this approach was a lot more fun as it found Adele playing herself, trying to find love on the reality dating show. Because she’s Adele, she can’t help but interrupt the usual flow of the show with excerpts of her chart-topping songs. Yes, she really sings, and yes it’s hilarious.

Visiting Grandma – One of the sadder sides of quarantine is our inability to visit the older members of our family, whether it’s in their homes or at some kind of assisted living facility. But some grandchildren do as much as they can be speaking to their grandmother as she looks down at the from the balcony of her room, along with the nurse who helps her. Maya Rudolph is brought in to this sketch, and it’s her portrayal of grandma that really makes this sketch shine, but the increasingly frustrated grandchildren who hate how grandma just cuts to the core of their excuses and shortcomings raise it up too.

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