Absolute tosh! BBC Breakfast viewers blast painful Raab grilling over No 10 gathering

Absolute tosh! BBC Breakfast viewers blast painful Raab grilling over No 10 gathering


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Dan Walker and Sally Nugent presented BBC Breakfast on Monday morning and welcomed Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab onto the show. Nugent grilled the Conservative politician over a photo of a gathering at 10 Downing Street that was taken in May 2020, when the UK was in lockdown. The government has described the photographed event as a “work meeting” and Raab defended the gathering. However, BBC viewers hit out at the politician on Twitter upon viewing the interview.

Nugent began the interview by addressing the controversial photograph and asking Raab to explain what was going on.

She said: “Wine and cheese in the Downing Street garden, that was May last year when the rules stated we could only meet one other person outside.

“Just explain to us, what was actually happening here?” Nugent questioned.

Raab replied: “Well, you’re right to point to those rules around social mixing, but of course Number 10 and including Number 10’s garden there is used for work meetings.

“They were throughout the day, to which the picture relates. As with many places of work, particularly if you can think of how hard they’re working under the various pressures of the week, they would sometimes have a drink.

“That’s what you can see there. But, that was primarily after the work meetings of the day,” the politician insisted.

Nugent hit back: “So, at the time we were being told to keep work places covid secure and keep social distancing in place.

“Looking at that picture, can you see that they are obeying social distancing rules?” the BBC presenter asked.

Raab replied: “Well, of course outside you have the advantage, which is why I suspect one of the reasons why the Number 10 garden was used, that you’re in a ventilated area.

“Therefore you’ve got much lower risk of transmission that when you’re inside. They are outside.

“But, as I said, it’s a place of work, but that doesn’t mean that given the pressures that everyone was going through, people wouldn’t have something to drink on occasion and I think that’s what you can see,” he explained.

However, many BBC viewers were unhappy with Raab’s attempt at defending the lockdown gathering, taking to Twitter to hit out at the Deputy Prime Minister.

Lynne A commented: “#BBCBreakfast Why continue to interview these self righteous, egotistical, self centred government ministers who truly cannot see that they are so very, very wrong? They are so far removed from reality!!! It’s painful to watch.”

Marge Bradshaw said: “Absolute tosh @DominicRaab #BBCBreakfast I’m not sure what’s worse, the event itself or the attempts to explain it. So if I have a ‘hardworking day’ it’s OK to crack open the booze & not socially distance in my workplace? This does not wash with bereaved families. #cheeseandwine.”

“Dominic Raab treating us all for fools on BBC Breakfast. #BBCBreakfast,” Lee Nichols wrote.

“I work really hard. I don’t nip out in the middle of the day for cheese and wine. Listening to Raab trying to defend this is making my head ache. Go get him @sallynugent #BBCBreakfast,” Angela Rosin said.

Steve Hyatt fumed: “Yeah…we always have cheese, wine and our wives at work meetings too….Give over,@DominicRaab we weren’t born yesterday. #BBCBreakfast.”

Warren Peace added: “Raab being wheeled out to tell us all we are idiots yet again today… Business meeting my arse! F**k off.. #BBCBreakfast #KayBurley #GMB.”

“#BBCBreakfast no one drinks and have wine at the office unless you are a government minister obviously,” Benedict said.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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