A Place In The Sun: Jasmine Harman stunned as buyer brutally scolds villa ‘Its a garage!

A Place In The Sun: Jasmine Harman stunned as buyer brutally scolds villa ‘Its a garage!


APITS: Buyer says property looks like a 'garage'

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A Place In The Sun took a trip to Lanzarote for a recent episode of the Channel 4 property show. Jasmine Harman guided Carol and her daughter-in-law Donna around a range of properties on the island in an attempt to find their dream holiday home on a budget of just £150,000. However, things got off to a bumpy start when Carol laughed at the first property as soon as she saw it.

Carol told Jasmine she was looking for the perfect holiday home in Lanzarote where her grandchildren could also visit.

She wanted a property with a minimum of two bedrooms, good views and a swimming pool.

The first property Jasmine took the house hunters to was a two-bedroom bungalow situated in the centre of Puerto del Carmen.

On the market for £152,991, the bungalow boasted a communal swimming pool and a small private terrace.

However, as soon as they arrived at the property, Carol made it clear she wasn’t impressed.

“It’s okay for size I think,” Carol remarked, looking at the swimming pool.

Taken aback by the comment, Jasmine said: “Okay? Is it only okay?”

“Yeah, no, it’s good for size then and there are sunbeds all around,” Carol said.

“So, it’s ‘fine’ or ‘okay’,” Jasmine laughed, still stunned by Carol’s initial reaction.

Carol went on to explain she wasn’t too keen on the shape of the swimming pool.

However, Jasmine hit back: “But, the kids would love this wouldn’t they?”

“No, they would. I mean, this as a pool, it’s big enough for them,” Carol conceded.

Jasmine pointed to a building at the side of the pool and said: “The property that we’re looking at is this one just here.

“So, it’s a bungalow, two bedrooms. What do you think of looking at it from the outside?” the presenter asked.

“I think it looks nice,” Donna said, but Carol quickly burst out laughing.

“It looks like a garage!” Carol exclaimed, writing off the property almost immediately.

However, Donna insisted the location of the property would be “ideal” for the whole family.

“The kids can still play in the pool while you’re in and out,” she said.

As they headed inside, Carol’s opinion of the property didn’t alter as she claimed the size was a big issue.

“I just think the whole place is too small,” she commented.

“So, more space inside and outside is really what you want,” Jasmine said.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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