Zara McDermott really shaken as gang try to break into car while shes inside

Zara McDermott really shaken as gang try to break into car while shes inside


Zara McDermott has revealed a gang tried to break into car while she was locked inside in a frightening ordeal.

The 25-year-old reality star, who shot to fame on Love Island in 2018, detailed her horrifying experience in a series of videos which she shared on her Instagram Story.

She had just returned to her vehicle after hitting the shops and loaded the boot with her bags, before getting in and locking the doors.

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Zara claims she was suddenly surrounded by men in balaclavas who repeatedly tried to to gain access to the car.

She revealed her horrifying ordeal to her followers while urging fans to always lock their car doors once they are inside.

Sam Thompson's girlfriend explained: "I want to talk about something quite serious that just happened to me.

"I’m feeling really shaken up about it actually. I’m feeling a bit emotional.

"I put my shopping in the boot of the car, get into the car and I lock the door straight away.

"Within a few seconds of me putting my phone down and getting ready to go, I dropped my key on the floor, so I bend down to pick it up and I look up and there are four guys surrounding my car. Most of them had balaclavas on."

She continued "It all happened so quickly but the guy on the passenger side, he had a hood up and a scarf, and was trying to open the door.

"Then I looked back, and someone was tapping on my window trying to get my attention and stop me from moving.

"I look in the rearview mirror and I think someone is trying to get in the boot and then someone appears in front of the car, basically surrounding the car."

Explaining how she managed to get herself out of the situation, Zara said: "I literally didn’t even think. I just put it into reverse, and I just put the accelerator down and just drove off.

"I just managed to get away from that situation. I’m fine but it really made me realise that one thing that I always do, always locking the car when I’m in it, imagine if I didn’t do that.

"I could have had everything stolen off me, they could have stolen the car, they could have they could have done something to me."

Zara’s terrifying encounter comes just days after fellow Love Island alumi Amber Davies shared her Range Rover had been vandalised and broken into.


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