Woman gives birth at Pink concert to youngest Pink fan ever

Woman gives birth at Pink concert to youngest Pink fan ever


When Pink sang “Let’s Get This Party Started” at her Liverpool concert on Tuesday night, she didn’t mean “Let’s Get This Birth Started.” But that’s exactly what happened.

One concertgoer, Denise Jones, went into labor at Pink’s concert and ended giving birth right at the stadium. To honor the singer, she named her healthy newborn daughter after Pink. World, meet the youngest Pink fan ever: Dolly Pink.

So how did this “Beautiful Trauma” even happen? Paramedics John Matthews and Dani Berg were both on duty as crowd doctors at Anfield Stadium and had to jump into action and fight through the packed crowd of thousands to get to Jones, 32, as she went into labor in the Main Stands as Pink kicked off the concert with, of course, “Let’s Get This Party Started.”

“When we reached her, it was quite clear the patient was heavily pregnant and showing signs of being in labor,” Matthews, who works as a consultant at Whiston hospital’s emergency department, told Liverpool Echo. “We took the decision to move her as quickly as possible to the First Aid Room underneath the … stand. We continued to assess her and established she was going to have to deliver the baby in the stadium as there was not enough time to get her to hospital. So that’s what Dani and I did.”

It sounds like a bizarre case ripped straight from the screen from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but luckily everything went okay. Check out the “Family Portrait” below:

“It took less than five minutes,” Matthews added. “We didn’t have time to get concerned or worried, we just had to crack on and get on with it. There was no equipment in the first aid room, just a couple of beds. This doesn’t happen very often and I’d never delivered a baby in Anfield before. When things go well, it’s always a good feeling.”

Matthews also revealed that Jones had to give birth naturally as there was no time for pain relief. Hopefully that wasn’t during Pink’s performance of “Just Like a Pill.”

Berg, who works as a general practitioner, couldn’t believe what was happening, describing the initial moment they got the call during the concert as “disbelief.”

“It was very different compared with what we’re used to dealing with at the matches,” Berg said, adding that they owed a lot to the people who carried Jones out of the crowd. “If it hadn’t been for them, we would have had to deliver the baby in the main stand with 4,600 people watching us. It brought a whole new meaning to the Pink song, ‘I’m coming out so you better get the party started!'”

For her part, new mom Jones is in good spirits after delivering her baby at a concert. “I’m still massively in shock, just a bit gutted I missed the concert,” she joked. “But I couldn’t be any happier right now! The plan was to call her Dolly Louise but since she was born in the concert we’ve changed it to Dolly Pink.”

To that, we say, “Raise Your Glass.”

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