Why Don't We Releases New Single 'Come to Brazil' in Nod to South American Fans

Why Don't We Releases New Single 'Come to Brazil' in Nod to South American Fans


Obrigado, Why Don’t We!

The boy band — comprising Jack Avery, 20, Corbyn Besson, 20, Zach Herron, 18, and Jonah Marais, 21, and Daniel Seaver, 20 — just dropped its single “Come To Brazil” in a nod to the group’s biggest fans in the South American country.

“For the past couple years, it’s been a constant flooding of our social media — any time I log on, it’s ‘Come to Brazil! Come to Brazil!’ everywhere,” Marais told Billboard. “The Brazilian fans go so hard, I can’t remember the last time I logged on and didn’t see those three words. So when we were trying to figure out a place where this girl would be from in the song, it just clicked to use that phrase we see every day.”

With its Latin and acoustic guitar tinges, the track is the group’s sixth song released this year — they promised fans that the group would release a song a month during 2019.

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“The whole idea behind the song is that you’re so in lust, or maybe even in love with this girl at first sight, that you want to go all the way to Brazil with her because even though it’s extreme — it’s worth it,” Besson told Billboard. “It’s the thrill of the chase. You don’t even care how far it takes you, you just want to follow this girl wherever she goes.”

The group is set to head out for the second leg of their 8 Letters Tour, which starts on July 18 in Costa Mesa, California. Why Don’t We completely sold out the first leg of the tour.

“This summer’s easily gonna be the best one yet,” the group tweeted following the song’s release.

And perhaps a trip to South America is in the future for the group!

“I feel like our fans always wait for us to give them the opportunity in the show to scream until their voices can’t make noise anymore, and it won’t get better than having the whole crowd scream ‘WHY DON’T WE COME TO BRAZIL!'” Seavey told Billboard. “Especially when we go to Brazil, I can’t even imagine having our fans there screaming that line.”

Tickets to Why Don’t We‘s tour are on sale now.

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