Who Is Maren Morris Married to and How They Met

Who Is Maren Morris Married to and How They Met


Maren Morris has been revolutionizing the way people view country music since she came out with her first album. Since then, she has become one of the most beloved country singers, songwriters, and producers of the decade. Her award-wing song, My Church not only made it to the top of the charts but also made people from all over the world fall in love with country music again. 

Morris may look like a tough country chick on the outside, however, she also has a soft, romantic side to her as well. She sings songs about both love and heartache, which makes people wonder if she has ever been able to find true love herself. The answer is yes, Morris has found her one and only. Keep reading to find out more about their relationship and who he is.

Who is Maren Morris’ husband?

Morris is married to fellow songwriter and country music star Ryan Hurd. The two got married a little over a year ago on March 24, 2018. Hurd came out with his first single in 2017, so he is fairly new to the performing world. However, he is not new to country music. For years he has been a songwriter and has even written songs for some of country music’s hottest artists, like Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw, and Luke Bryan. 


Many people wondered if he would be able to make a smooth transition from a songwriter to an artist. But Hurd didn’t seem to find the switch challenging at all. In 2016, when Hurd was just starting to perform his own music, he told Rolling Stone: “It might seem difficult to separate my artist and my writing career, but for me, it’s just music.”

How did Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd meet?


According to Country Living, the couple met back in 2013. Both Morris and Hurd were asked to work together to write a song for McGraw called Last Turn Home. During that time, they would frequently visit the local bar at the end of the night to unwind. It was reportedly during those late night bar visits that their friendship had evolved into a romantic relationship. Their budding romance eventually led to Hurd to write and sing his first single, Love in a Bar.

Morris still reminisces about when they first met and said that that first song that they wrote together was what helped to set the foundation for a strong relationship between the two. She told People: “It was the start of a wonderful writing relationship. [Last Turn Home] is one of my favorite songs that we have ever been a part of.

After their first collaboration together, the two quickly became inseparable. And Morris was becoming somewhat of a muse for Hurd. In fact, Hurd had written another song about Morris, entitled Diamonds or Twine, which he sang for her when he proposed in 2017.

Maren Morris’ dream wedding


In 2018, Morris and Hurd officially became husband and wife. They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony with their close friends and family members. The reception was described as a “laid-back” event that felt more like a party than a wedding. The two have been married for a little over a year now and they just recently bought the first home that they share with their two dogs named June and Pancake.

When Morris was asked if she would like to have kids in the future, she had suggested that she would love to have kids one day, but right now she and Hurd are more focused on their careers and their relationship. When asked if Hurd was on board to having kids one day, Morris said that he is, saying: “What is so great about [Ryan] is that we’ve always talked about it in a really open way and neither of us has shied away from that topic.”

Morris and Hurd seem like a great couple who continue to fall more in love with each other every day. The fact that they were able to become friends and get to know one another for a while before they got married set a good foundation for a strong and lasting relationship.

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