Wayne Lineker undergoes surgery after ‘waking up hungover in Ibiza with injury’

Wayne Lineker undergoes surgery after ‘waking up hungover in Ibiza with injury’


Wayne Lineker underwent a full shoulder replacement and is set for six weeks in rehab after waking up 'hungover' in Ibiza and not being able to lift his arm.

The businessman said he has "no idea" what happened to his shoulder when doctors probed him for more information.

The 58-year-old updated fans on his Instagram, saying this is the second operation he's had, with the first being surgery to replace bicep sockets that came away.

He'll now spend six weeks in rehab before he can hit the gym again.

Wayne, who spoke out last year about how the covid pandemic forced him to close his pub and club business in Spain and Ibiza, said leading specialists in the UK completed the operation.

He wrote: "After my first consultation Dr Wallace asked me how on Earth did I do this huge trauma to my should. I said, 'I have no idea, I woke up hungover in Ibiza one day after a big day and night at Ocean and Hi for Glitterbox and couldn't lift my arm up'."

The doctor then asked if he remembered what happened, even falling off a cliff, getting run over by a bus or being involved in a car accident.

But Wayne says he has "absolutely no idea" what happened, which the doctor replied it was "remarkable".

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He went on to say it was 'maybe time to slow down a little more now'.

Before adding: "More importantly lesson to self, stop being a f***ing idiot."

The businessman shared a photo of him in the hospital bed with a peace sign, as well as an x-ray of his shoulder after the operation.

Fans and followers took to the comments to wish him a speedy recovery.

One wrote: "Rest up mate! Summer 2021 is approaching."

Another said: "Get well soon," followed by someone who penned "Speedy recovery captain."

In a traditional shoulder replacement, a metal ball and stem replaces the head of the humerus bone. In a full replacement, metal and plastic is used to replace the socket as well, according to the NHS.

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