Ulrika Jonsson could start stripping off on OnlyFans to p**s off her children

Ulrika Jonsson could start stripping off on OnlyFans to p**s off her children


TV celebrity Ulrika Jonsson has delved into how her children react to her occasionally explicit work, joking that she is contemplating setting up an OnlyFans page.

Ulrika started out as a weather presenter on ITV before shooting to fame on popular show Gladiators as well as reality shows including Celebrity Big Brother in the 90s and early 2000s.

The TV star’s personal life has also been well-scrutinised, having married three times as well as admitting to an affair with ex-England football manager Sven-Goran Erikssson.

Now in her mid-50s, Ulrika recently signed up to take part in the new series of Celebs Go Dating, and continues to occasionally share racy photos with her 178,000 Instagram followers.

Now, chatting to Kate Thornton on her ‘White Wine Question Time’ podcast, Ulrika explored how she has managed the topic of approaching her often adult-natured work with her children.

After years of balancing work with family commitments, the TV personality suggested that she was taking some time for herself and joked that she might cash in by sharing explicit content with paying subscribers.

“I’ve been really clear with them and I’ve gone, ‘just so you know, I’m going to be dating, I’ll be here for you forever and in every way that I can, but just know that I am doing some things for myself now,” she explained.

“I am contemplating an OnlyFans, actually just to p**s them off.

“It does make them cringe, but they have to acknowledge that this is what I do.”

And, despite the fact that she thinks her eldest finds her a bit “cringe” sometimes, Ulrika said: “I’m really open with them about that too. I’m like, ‘by the way, I’m going to be nude in the papers tomorrow.

“I just kind of hear a deafening silence at the other end, or I hear the rolling of the eyes.”

Ulrika noted that her daughter’s reaction is often more positive, acknowledging: “Bo is generally quite supportive actually.

“She goes, very proud of you mamma’. I don’t know if it’s just a gratuitous throw-away thing but it’s lovely to hear.

“They know what I do, and if they question anything , and I say look, ‘I’m doing a nude shoot’… and I go, ‘mate, do you want to eat? Right, then this is what’s happening. I’m doing this to feed you.”

The podcast’s host Kate Thornton interjected, laughing: “I strip so you can eat!”

This comes as the Celebrity SAS star recently revealed that she woke up with two unknown men in her house after a boozy night out.

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