Tom Jones wasnt impressed by Bob Dylan’s voice before this song

Tom Jones wasnt impressed by Bob Dylan’s voice before this song


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Sir Tom Jones’ latest album Surrounded By Time saw the pop legend debut at No 1 in the UK, making him the oldest male to achieve such a feat. The 82-year-old’s fourth covers record includes Bob Dylan’s One More Cup of Coffee, a track that was originally featured on the folk singer’s 1976 album Desire. The Welsh singer has revealed why he chose this song for the record and also the other track by the American star, which made him appreciate him in a way he never had before.

Previously posting on his Instagram, Jones wrote: “Now this one to me, it just reminds you of things that maybe you have done that you shouldn’t have done. Or you’ve been to places that you shouldn’t have been. You know, when I was young, you’re young and you go to places sometimes and you think ‘oh no, I might be out of my depth here.’ So then it’s like ‘One more of this or maybe I will try that one more time.’

“So, I’m sure we have all got stories like that and this is a reminder to sort of try and stay away from temptation, whatever is tempting for you. So, it’s just a reminder to try and fight off the temptations and get out of there before you have to go down to the valley below.”

The first time Jones heard Dylan’s music was way back in the mid-1960s and he really wasn’t impressed at first.

In the end, it was one of the folk singer’s most famous songs that convinced Jones of just how talented his fellow musician was.

Speaking previously with The Guardian, the 82-year-old remembered: “I was on tour in the States in the summer of ’65 with a British act, Peter and Gordon.”

Peter Asher is the brother of actress Jane Asher. Gordon Waller, meanwhile, was a big fan of Dylan and would play his record in the Holiday Inns they would all stay at.

Jones, who was 25 at the time, continued: “I wasn’t struck by Dylan’s voice at first. But then I heard Blowin’ in the Wind and I’ve been a fan ever since. The lyrics are fantastic.

“He’s basically asking, ‘How many times do we have to go through all this s*** before we realise that we’re f***ing up the world?’ He paints pictures with his songs so you can see things happening.”

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Jones believes it’s the same case with Dylan’s 1989 track What Good Am I, which he recorded a cover of in 2010.

He added: “What good am I if I just stand by and let things happen that I know I should be changing? He was the first singer-songwriter to make me think.”


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