The Beatles: Rooftop concert police officer regrets actions

The Beatles: Rooftop concert police officer regrets actions


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After The Beatles recorded their final album, Let It Be, they got together on their building’s roof in Saville Rowe to perform a final collection of tracks. The legendary final performance has gone down in history as one of the most momentous events of the Fab Four’s career, as it marked their final time playing together before the band split. Although it was eventually brought to an end following the arrival of the police, the officer who tried to conclude the performance it has now spoken out about that fateful day.

The rooftop performance, which was held on January 30, 1969, was filmed to be on the Let It Be documentary. It has since been revitalised by Peter Jackson in the Disney Plus docu-series Get Back.

The police officer who tried to bring it to an end, PC Ray Dagg, was just 19-years-old when he was sent to Apple HQ to stop the gig after the Met had received a number of noise complaints.

He was filmed threatening to arrest the band if they didn’t stop performing straight away. His comments were met with smirks from Paul McCartney and John Lennon.

50 years later, Dagg, who is no longer a police officer, looks at his actions a little differently.

Dagg, 72, claims he was offered £3,000 from the Let It Be film-makers to step away from the event. He could not accept the cash, however. Now, he would have thought twice about the offer. He said: “If I knew then what I know now, I’d have resigned and taken the money.” Dagg quit the police force just six years later, in 1975, and went on to have a successful career in sales.

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Dagg also admitted he was “running a bluff” on his threats to arrest the Fab Four.

He explained how he could not have arrested them as they were on private property.

The former bobby said: “At 19, I was pretty gung-ho and I think I probably might have and taken the flak afterwards for wrongful arrest.” (Via The Mirror)

Looking back on the performance – which ended up being the band’s last time playing together – he said: “It was just work, and it’s blown up into all this. I didn’t know they’d never play together again.”

Dagg added: “At least there’s something on a film somewhere that will forever show that PC Ray Dagg shut down the Beatles. If that’s my lasting image of life, that’s not bad.”

The ex-policeman is just a part of the perfect final send off for the band.

Before they hit the rooftop, they didn’t even know where they were going to play – despite having worked out what they were going to play.

Ringo Starr later recalled: “There was a plan to play live somewhere. We were wondering where we could go. [We said:] ‘Oh, the Palladium or the Sahara.’ But we would have had to take all the stuff, so we decided ‘let’s get up on the roof.'”

McCartney found the entire ordeal quite funny, despite the threats of being arrested.

During the performance of Get Back on the roof, he improvised the song’s lyrics to reference the police officers staring at him.

He sang: “You’ve been playing on the roofs again / And you know your momma doesn’t like it / She’s going to have you arrested.”


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