South Carolina Rapper 18veno tragically dies aged 19 after being shot

South Carolina Rapper 18veno tragically dies aged 19 after being shot


Rapper 18veno has been shot dead aged 19 and an investigation into the artist's death was launched by authorities.

Last night the teen, from South Carolina, was shot dead.

The horrifying news has been confirmed to the publication Pitchfork by the York County Coroner’s Office in South Carolina.

The star, real name Paul Harts, was pronounced dead at the Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill.

Police have launched an investigation into the star's tragic death.

18veno grew up in the USA in Winnsboro, South Carolina. But was born in Washington, D.C. and lived there during his early years before moving.

The star previously said his songs were inspired by the sounds of Southern trap.

As early influencers of his own talent he cited rappers including Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, and Jeezy.

In fourth grade was when 18veno let music flow through his soul and veins as he began rapping and writing his own material.

A few years later, he began publishing his work online for others to share and enjoy.

His death comes after a year which saw him see much success.

In 2020 the star released the five-track R4z EP – as well as his debut project Pablo.

Both projects were issued by the label BoyMeetSpace, in South Carolina.

He often choose to work with stars from his home town, including PG RA on his track 'Cops & Robbers'.

Tributes have since poured in for the star on Twitter.

One fan tweeted: "R.I.P 18veno #18veno," followed by the dove emoji.

A second said: "RIP. Sad news. 19 yrs old. Real talent. Rising South Carolina rapper @18veno has been shot dead."

Another said: "RIP my guy 18veno."

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