Prince William and Kate priming George for Royal life at football match

Prince William and Kate priming George for Royal life at football match


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Prince William is priming his young son George for life as a royal, his behaviour at Tuesday's winning Euros match has suggested.

The England versus Germany game, held at Wembley Stadium, saw William and his wife Kate Middleton watch the showdown from the stands.

They were joined by their eldest son Prince George of Cambridge, seven, who sat between his parents as they watched the match play out.

Body language expert Judi James examined their behaviour at the game, and based on their interactions with one another, has discovered Prince William is likely preparing George for events to come.

The expert revealed William is gently guiding his eldest son into the responsibilities of the Royal family, showing him everything he has learnt.

Judi said: "William seems to be doing such a good job at inducting his small son George into his royal duties and here he and Kate have begun to show such faith in their son in terms of lining up with his parents flanking him on either side but leaving a large gap to ensure he is standing central in his own right rather than appearing as a small child with cautious and anxious parents."

William, who is President of the Football Association, travelled from Scotland on Tuesday afternoon in order to make the game on time.

Keeping a close eye on their son, Judi believed the couple, who married in 2011, were devoted to the match at hand – with England walking away with a win.

She said: "Kate stands to attention on one side and William on the other as the anthem is played and when they join in the clapping their body language looks just as serious and committed as all the other England fans in the stadium."

Even when it came to George's outfit, a smart suit, Judi could tell the schoolboy was being slowly introduced to the reality of life as a Royal.

George's tie, patterned with asymmetrical stripes, was a miniature version of his father's, with both wearing crisp shirts and jackets.

Judi finished: "As always there is mirroring between William and Kate to suggest like-minded thinking and it's William who bends down to chat to little George, who is dressed to look very much like a chip off the block here, in matching suit and tie."

Stooping down, Kate could also be seen speaking to her son, as they witnessed England beat the German team with a score of 2-0.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge keep their children from the public eye, though occasional share family photos from special occasions in their home in Kensington Palace.

Prince George is likely to become King one day, following in the footsteps of his father, who is Prince Charles' eldest son.

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