Pop brothers Hanson unrecognisable as they appear ditch trademark blond hair

Pop brothers Hanson unrecognisable as they appear ditch trademark blond hair


The nineties pop group Hanson appeared on This Morning looking very different and all grown up.

Fans were excited to see them appear and feel a bit of nostalgia but the group was almost unrecognisable when they appeared on the breakfast show yesterday morning.

The group – which was known for their blonde luscious locks and hit song MMMBop – spoke to Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield to promote their new track Child At Heart.

The three men have released six albums since their debut and now have 15 children between them.

Lead singer Taylor, 39, has seven children with his wife Natalie, while youngest member Zac, 36, has five and oldest member Isaac, 41, has three.

Holly said that looking at them sat in front of her made her feel old.

Speaking about their career, they said: "One of the things that made it work for us, is that it was our song – it wasn't somebody else's idea."

They explained: "When you're writing your own music, you're thinking about it like 'what will my music be? what will people be getting from that?'"

Fans are waiting in anticipation of their new album Red Green Blue, for which the men have written five songs each.

With the album marking a major milestone and celebrating the group's 30th anniversary, the brothers said in a chat with the Daily Star they hope it "allows people to say 'wow, I didn't expect that' or 'that makes me curious'", adding: "That's important and especially now, I think that's really great."

Taylor also said: "We've been a band this year for 30 years. That's a long time – a lifetime.

"For a very long time it was a big deal, it was important – I was very conscious of it in the early years – of being very much one voice."

However, he added: "There was such an inclination early on especially to try and pull us apart. You're the lead singer, you're the rebel guitar player, you're the cute one."

Isaac added: "I remember when we were in the era of the Spice Girls, it was like, 'which version of Hanson are you?' – 'What nickname can we give you?"

However, this experience helped to make their bond stronger, with Taylor saying that their new release Red, Blue, Green owes much to their history, saying: "I think the openness to doing this project this way is only possible because of the history that has been there."

They are beginning their tour in Finland and then will be returning to the UK at the end of the month.

They then performed their new track and treated viewers to their classic hit MMMBop.

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