Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Freestyle Rap Skills, Confirms New Album on 'The Tonight Show'

Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Freestyle Rap Skills, Confirms New Album on 'The Tonight Show'


Nicki Minaj is back with new music, and her freestyle rap skills are better than ever.

On Thursday night, the 36-year-old rapper played a game of “Wheel of Freestyle” during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Host Fallon activated a word generator to choose three random nouns, which Minaj would then have to work into a freestyle rap.

The “Super Bass” rapper was stuck with “hexagon,” “yeti” and “edible arrangement.”

Minaj warmed up the audience for a few seconds, before tearing into her improvised verse.

“Six sides / That’s a hexagon / I’m the big homie / Megatron,” she began. “These girls can’t see me like the Yeti / All these girls gassed like Getty.”

Minaj concluded, rapping, “I am Ms. Petty / And it’s going down, basement / I be like ‘Eat it, eat it, eat it,’ edible arrangement.”

The rapper’s use of “Ms. Petty” comes days after she revealed that she and boyfriend Kenneth Petty have gotten a marriage license.

Fallon jumped out from behind his desk in awe after Minaj wrapped up her verse, exclaiming excitedly, “That is how you do it, right there!”

Earlier in the episode, Minaj — who released her newest song “Megatron” last week — confirmed fan speculation that she’s working on a new album.

“There’s definitely a new album, yes, of course,” she told Fallon. “You’re the first to find out. Of course there’s an album, I’m not putting out the date yet but there is one.”

The rapper also revealed that she already has a title in mind — but she’s keeping her lips sealed for now.

“Megatron” marked Minaj’s first solo release since her fourth album, Queen, last August.

The single also followed a nearly three-month Twitter silence from Minaj, who tweeted for the first time since March to announce the name of her new track earlier this month.

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