Netflix unhappy with Harry after huge book claims left out of doc, expert says

Netflix unhappy with Harry after huge book claims left out of doc, expert says


Netflix are "unhappy" with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their "watered down" docuseries, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duke of Sussex has made a series of explosive claims in his upcoming memoir Spare, including allegations brother Prince William "lunged" at him during one of many arguments.

He also claimed he was suffering from a "frostbitten penis" at William and Kate's wedding, implied Camilla had been planting stories about him and Meghan and even found time to explain how he lost his virginity.

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But, according to Neil Sean, streaming giants Netflix are unimpressed that none of the headline-grabbing stories made it into their own docuseries.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he noted how the whole six episodes have dropped out of the top 200 most popular streamed shows.

"It's not going to get a big return for Netflix, the one paying them money," he said.

"According to a very good source, Netflix are unhappy with Harry and Meghan.

"The problem for them was they were told they were going to get some incredible material.

"It was very watered down material, much rehashing from the Oprah Winfrey stuff."

Neil claims that, once the sensational stories started leaking from Harry's memoir, bosses at Netflix asked "where were all those revelations for our money?"

He continued: "You can understand why they argue and why they're angry because there you have all the fights, fisticuffs – everything that gives a good docuseries spin.

"But they [Harry and Meghan] saved that all that for the book.

"For Harry and Meghan now moving forward, Netflix are seriously looking at exactly what they got for their buck.

"Right now, it [the Sussex's relationship with Netflix] literally hangs by a thread.

"So unless Harry and Meghan can come up with more content that is relevant to the audience of Netflix, as far as making family friendly viewing, I think both Harry and Meghan that perhaps Netflix might unsubscribe from them."


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