Naga Munchetty shares mundane TV task shes done after years of ignoring it

Naga Munchetty shares mundane TV task shes done after years of ignoring it


Radio presenter Naga Munchetty has revealed the unusual everyday task that she had never done before until this week.

Speaking on her Five Live radio show, the 47-year-old BBC Breakfast star introduced the topic after Strictly judge Anton Du Beke revealed he had never cooked food on a hob in his life before appearing on the TV show Cooking with the Stars.

Naga invited people working in the studio to reveal some hilarious tasks that they had never done in their lifetime before revealing her very own.

After speaking about her colleagues, Naga told her listeners she had never reset a satellite TV box before.

Naga said: "Mine was yesterday for the first time ever, I reset the satellite TV box.

"Usually if it goes, I just can't be bothered, I can't be bothered with the faffing around of it and just leave it until my partner comes home.

"But, I had to do it because my mum was with us and I felt bad that there would be no TV if she wanted to watch telly.

"So I did it and I grumbled the whole time I had never ever done it before."

Before revealing the task she had done for the first time this week, Naga spoke about one of her co-workers.

Introducing her, Naga said she had always looked up to this particular person and called her an impressive woman.

However, after learning that her co-worker can't put a cat in a cat box to take them to the vet as it freaks her out, she joked her opinion had now "slightly diminished."

Naga has shown her good sense of humour during her broadcasting career, especially over the Jubilee weekend.

The 47-year-old was covering the Jubilee celebrations but one viewer wasn't impressed with the BBC's choice of presenter.

They commented: "God I hate that woman with a passion @DefundBBC.”

Although Naga hilariously hit back saying: "oh. You are passionate about me… am taking it x"

After seeing her sarcastic response, Naga was inundated with support with one fan saying she was the "queen" of comeback lines.

Another supportive fan said: "If you've nothing nice to say then say nothing at all, right? Having met @TVNaga01 many times I know personally what a lovely lady she is and how kind and thoughtful she is too. Don't give in to trolls."

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