Michael Jackson’s brothers defended the star’s plastic surgery – but his mother didn’t

Michael Jackson’s brothers defended the star’s plastic surgery – but his mother didn’t


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Over the course of Michael Jackson’s career it became obvious that he had plastic and cosmetic surgeries on his face. The singer’s nose was changed dramatically, while portions of his cheeks had alterations as well. Many rumours surfaced about the star’s cosmetic alterations, but he himself denied them.

While talking to Oprah in 1993 Michael said: “You can count [my surgeries] on two fingers.”

After admitting to having a nose job, he said: “I have never had my cheekbones done, never had my eyes done, never had my lips done.”

The star added: “I try not to look in the mirror. I’m never happy with what I see.”

Marlon Jackson, along with Tito Jackson and Jackie Jackson, recently defended their brother’s surgery choices.

The Jacksons were asked if they thought Michael “loved himself enough” in an interview with The Guardian.

Marlon said: “Yes, I think so. Of course, nobody loves it when the media starts talking about you negatively.”

On if Michael’s cosmetic surgery affected him, Marlon replied: “No, it didn’t upset me because I look at it this way: The Lord put us on this earth to love one another, not to judge each other, and [Michael] wasn’t harming anybody.

“It was his body, and he did what he wanted to do to be what he wanted to look like.”

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Marlon continued: “When you get to the gates and the Lord is there, he’s going to judge you not by what you obtained for yourself, or not what you did to yourself, he’s going to judge you by what you did for others. Judge someone by their heart.”

Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, had the complete opposite view, however.

As reported by BANG Showbiz, Katherine said in 2010: “He had more than two, he was just embarrassed.

“I hear that people get addicted to plastic surgery and I think that’s what happened to him. I said: ‘That’s enough.’”

Katherine added: “He didn’t want to start ‘looking like a spotted cow,’ he said. I don’t know what in the world he did to change that, but he did.”

Elsewhere in the interview with Marlon, he revealed Michael also changed his look to conceal his identity.

The star recalled spotting his brother in a record store wearing a disguise: “I walked up behind him and whispered in his ear: ‘Michael, what you doing here?’

“He was dressed as a bum. His clothes were dirty, he had bucked teeth, he had an afro, his shoes were dirty, his shirt was torn, but he’s buying all these excellent records.”

Marlon added: “I said to him: ‘Another thing gave you away, Michael, you wear the same shoes all the time!’ They were the same loafers he wore on stage.”

Meanwhile, Jackie spoke fondly of his brother’s talent: “[Michael] got up and did James Brown. We all decided to put him upfront.”

Marlon said: “You get a lot of people who can sing well, but not everybody is an entertainer. We were entertainers as well, and Michael was the greatest entertainer of them all.”

Jackie added: “People used to ask us: ‘Are you jealous of your brother’s career?’ And I’d say: ‘Why would I be? His name is Jackson.’”


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