Matthew McConaughey stars as Elvis in thrilling new Netflix trailer

Matthew McConaughey stars as Elvis in thrilling new Netflix trailer


Agent Elvis: Official Netflix trailer with Matthew McConaughey

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Following Baz Luhrmann’s Oscar-nominated Elvis movie comes a Netflix adult animation series from Sony Pictures Animation. The new show called Agent Elvis is “an irreverent action comedy starring Matthew McConaughey as Elvis Presley and follows Elvis as he lives a double-life as a secret agent.”

Agent Elvis, which has its first trailer today, is presumably inspired by The King’s real life love of law enforcement and desire to be something of an agent, having collected various honorary police badges over the years. When he met President Richard Nixon at the White House in 1970 – which is depicted in the teaser – the singer even requested a federal agent badge from the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. Incredibly this was arranged and the star was ecstatic.

Interestingly, although Elvis’ ex-wife Priscilla Presley is a co-creator and executive producer on Agent Elvis, she has clashed with the creative team over the project.

Speaking at Elvis Week 2021, Priscilla said: “I read the scripts. I worry about the scripts because it’s an adult animation. So you’re leaving it to Sony and Netflix because that’s who has it. Sometimes the script comes in and I go, ‘God, Elvis never would say that!’”

The 77-year-old gave an example where Elvis is meeting with a Commander of a spy agency during the sixties, wanting to be made an agent. She said: “[The Commander’s] assistant is really tough and she’s saying things to Elvis like, ‘Get it yourself!’ Oh my god, he would never have any woman or anyone just say, ‘Get it yourself’.” So The King’s ex-wife went to the Agent Elvis creators and asked them to cut the lines out.

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Priscilla continued: “I said, ‘You can’t put that in there!’ So it’s me trying to change everything that Elvis would not do. But they said, ‘Come on, give us some slack.’ And I go, ‘I’ll give up on this but you’ve got to take this out.’ They had this part where she says, ‘Yeah, you and that black hair on your head’ or something like that. I go, ‘Don’t make fun of his hair! His hair is really cool! This is so not okay with me!’”

Agent Elvis hits Netflix in March.

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